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Part 7: The Cat’s Me ow

Oh boy! Things are worst than I thought. I think Tom has been in Carolyn’s House a little too long, the old stray cat blurted out.  Maybe not! exclaimed the yellow stray. Something may have happened to him at the shelter. I  heard you cried like a baby, Tom!

Do not discuss me as though I don’t exist, yelled Tom!  I can hear you too cautioned Carolyn. Well, gasped the yellow stray, looking at Tom: Did anything traumatic happened at the shelter?

If you call almost getting euthanized traumatic. Yes! Something traumatic happened! Before Carolyn and her owner came, an irksome family with a mischievous little boy tried to adopt me. At first, I thought being adopted by that family was better than death.  Later, I changed my mind. After their little boy stuck his tongue out at me and did all sorts of ugly things to me to  my face, I decided death would be better than going with that family.  When the shelter volunteer handed me to the little boy, I tried to scratch his eyes out. His parents felt we were not a good fit for one another. The volunteer put me back in the cage to be euthanized. Man! I was about to be soap, shampoo or horse feed.

I was super glad to see Carolyn and her owner. They saved my life!  Now we understand. You feel obligated to Carolyn. You don’t want to leave her. What are your plans when her owner takes her out to breed with a show cat, or  a cat of the same pedigree? That wont happen argued Carolyn. My owner promised she would have the Vet to artificially insert my womb. Her intentions were to sell the babies anyway after they are weaned. I love Tom, and you guys, my owner, my groomer nor my Vet will ever stop me from loving Tom.


to be continued

Hailey the Unhappy Hippopotamus

Hailey the Unhappy Hippopotamus

Hailey was a good hippo who lived on the west south side of Africa. Whenever there was an orphan hippo discovered wondering around alone, her parents and Hailey were the first to make the orphan feel safe.
One fine summer day,  her family with the other hippopotamuses families were at the watering hole on the savanna. In that part of Africa where she lived, the rainfall was seasonal. All of the animals that live on the savanna use the same watering hole.
One day they were taking a leisure bath and drinking the muddy water when a large group of elephants came to the watering hole.  It was unusually hot because a pride of lions came too. The elephants scurried to get their young ones out of the way of the lions with the exception of one. The elephants stumped at several of the lions before they all ran away.
Hailey and the other young hippos watched in amazement as the scrimmage unfold before their very eyes. When everything was over, the baby elephant was left behind.  Hailey’s mother and father took the baby elephant home with them.
When it was time to go to school, the young elephant went to school with Hailey and the other hippos.
No one at school wanted to be near young elephant.  Hailey decided since her family had adopted little baby elephant, she would be his school  partner. Elephants have very good memories and the little elephant remembered everything the teacher said; therefore Hailey and baby elephant always made straight “A’s” 100. The other hippos became jealous. They made untrue ugly remarks about Hailey and her adopted brother. Those remarks made Hailey  very sad.
Hailey’s mother told her: If the sun should tumble from the sky.  If the seas should suddenly run dry, stand by your play brother. When you know you have done the right things     STAND.
Haiely stood by her adopted brother and in the end all of the hippos loved little elephant.  As they all shouted “Little Elephant is great!” Haiely again became a happy hippo.

Part 3: They called him Mr. Dynamite

authoritiesPart 3: They called him Mr. Dynamite

No! No! No! Mr. Dynamite is a gentle family dog who needs a gentle family who loves him. She asked her family if they would help her find him before the circus man and the other authorities found him. The little girl’s family helped her find Mr. Dynamite.
The little girl’s family adopted Mr. Dynamite for her. When the circus man discovered the little girl’s family had successfully adopted Mr. Dynamite, he showed himself to be furious. His anger was futile. What was done was done.
Mr. Dynamite’s old family saw him and wanted him back, but the little girl said No! He is mine!
Mr. Dynamite was happy to have a real home. He had been miserable locked in the cage doing whatever the circus man wanted him to do for a little crumb of food. Now he is free to roam the little girl’s backyard. To Mr. Dynamite his freedom meant everything. He still cared for his old family but the little girl showed how much she cared for him.