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Little Squirrel’s First Day at School

It was Little Squirrel’s first day at school. Little Squirrel did not go to kindergarten like his other classmates. Everything was new and fresh to him. Little Squirrel was totally at a loss with great expectations for the new year. He had been told a lot about school but he had no first hand knowledge.

His parents said: don’t do this or that, Little  Squirrel. Then they would say never mind. Your teacher will straighten you out once you get to school. His brothers and sisters would say: Ooooh ,  Little Squirrel, you are going to be in a lot of big trouble once you get to school if you don’t change your ways! Your teacher is going to get you!!! Little Squirrel’s friends who had gone to public kindergarten would tell him: Always be careful to be on your best behavior at school. That way you don’t find yourself in the principal;s office.

Little Squirrel was afraid to death of school. He had heard so many frightful  stories about school. School was just an awful, gruesome place to be. His teacher would be a ghastly old witch who would treat the children cruelly. School was just a savage place to be.

There Little Squirrel sat waiting for the arrival of the  ghastly old witch. In walked a pretty young woman who said my name is Miss Bird. I am your teacher. Little Squirrel sat there waiting for the hammer to fall.  Little Squirrel said to himself: o’k , she is pretty, but, I bet she is as mean as all get out. Give Miss Bird a couple of days and the real Miss Bird will come out! She will end up being an angry Bird!

Little Squirrel kept waiting for the other shoe to fall. As the day passed,  Little Squirrel  kept learning new and interesting things. Finally, Little Squirrel had to admit he liked school and Miss Bird really was a nice teacher. When she showed them her puppets, she was amusing and delightful.  They were entertaining yet acceptable as she got her message and rules over.  She never diverted the true meaning of her message while she made it pleasurable for the children.  While enjoying the real meaning of the lesson, their understanding of school rules were firmly  stamped in their memory and appreciated.  It is not the teacher’s duty to force children to obey laws.  Parents should do that before they leave home. However,  when children break laws,  there are consequences.

There were some bad kids in his class Miss Bird had to discipline. At the end of this year, Little Squirrel, will tell other children if they behave well, SCHOOL IS FUN!!!

Never Forget-Write to Remember

Writers are ask to keep pen and paper nearby at all times. One never know when opportunity may present itself. You may have a thought late at night. Keep pen and pad on your night stand. Trust me, if it is not written down, you will forget it by morning. Another example often used, keep pen and pad in your car. At your very next traffic or stop sign, write a phrase or a word down that brings that thought to your mind.
For instance, yesterday I saw a black cat perched upright like a dog on a hill near my house. I was thinking, I hope that black cat does not cross my path. The cat turned and looked at me snobbishly. I’m sure the cat was thinking, “I certainly hope that black woman don’t cross my path”. Farther down the road I saw children at play.
Strange enough, the children reminded me of the days I taught at W. C. Davis Elementary School in Birmingham, Alabama. One year, a little third grader constantly needed my attention. From time to time we had little private talks. Near the end of that school year her behavior suddenly changed. Someone in her neighborhood started taking her to church. One Friday, she came to school wearing a beautiful white dress.
Out on the playground, I ask why she was wearing that beautiful dress to school. She told me it was her baptism dress. We were both extremely excited about her baptism. We talked for a minute then she ran off to play with her classmates. Why her behavior reminded me of Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast, I am not sure.
First she danced a solemn measure, very slow in step and gesture. She danced in and out among her classmates. Playfully running through the shadows and the sunshine. Her tread was soft like a panther. Then more swiftly and swifter, whirling, spinning in circles, she leaped laughingly between her classmates. Till the dust and the wind on the playground swept together around about her.
By that time, the school bell rang and I was transported form the shores of Gitche Gumee. I was no longer by the shinning Big-Sea-Water. I was no longer by the wigworm of old NoKomis. According to the North American Indians, old Nokomis was the daughter of the Moon. I was no longer at Hiawatha’s Wedding Banquet.
Monday came. I called roll and she did not answer. I wanted to know from those living near her in the South-town Projects if they had seen her over the weekend. They all said no. Silence for a moment, then one brave child told me she was dead. Over the weekend some neighbor had left something out that looked like cool-aid. She drank it and the angels came and got her. Her death certificate read Meningitis. She had a glass encloser over her casket.
I was too heartbroken to cry. Her Pastor, Pastor Grisson, gave her a wonderful  befitting Eulogy. All of her classmates were there. We were all heartbroken but we knew God wanted her to be with Him. Now, as I drive pass the old church, with it’s roof caving in, I remember and write. A life gone too soon.
The poem Hiawatha was first written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The song of Hiawatha was composed by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. The Symphonic Orchestra of New Orleans, La. played it while Dillard University Symphonic Choir under the directions of Dr. Fredric Hall, sang it.

What does it all Mean?

what does it all Mean?

It is not hard for me to get confused. However, I am totally confused by what I heard on the radio and what I see on TV. A large number of countries view us as a priviledge society, even the African American. Our behavior dictates priviledge. Our religion dictates priviledge. Our form of government dictates priviledge. That is why everyone and his brother desire to come here and bring that part of their government they like best with them. Never-the-less, it does not work that way. There are some who believe one group or another should take over the American way of life.
That has me terribily confused. As African Americans, we do not want to take over by excluding anyone. What we as a people want is inclusion. Many of us are Christains. We are followers of Christ. We believe his teachings. We believe neither Jew or gentile, neither free or bondage, male or female, white or non-white has the right to dictate to others how they must live.
Several years ago I attended a graduation. The speaker, at the time of those graduating worked at the institution. He told the graduating class he watched them as wide eyed, afraid and goofy looking freshman enter the school. Now he returns four years later and find them wide eyed,goofy looking, afraid with stinking thinking leaving the school.

That class is well on its way of becoming the America we would all love to have. The good looking and the not so good-looking, white and none white, rich and not so rich, lots of those who think outside the box and a few stinking thinkers make up America.

Maybe it would be less confusing if we could fine, define and refine those who want to enter our nation and become amalgamated into the American way. We are a privileged nation for all.

addendum to Elnora age 12

Little Earl’s behavior didn’t seem to bother anyone except Daddy and me. He was Momma’s child, but his inappropriate behavior seemed to wash right off of Mom like water on the down of a duck. Some of the things Little Earl did and said are not worthy of reporting. Momma always said: He’s just (All Boy).
It became my duty to be the story reader after Aunt Mable moved out. One night, as I read Little Earl a story, he fell asleep. I thought to myself; Yes, he is “all boy” who gives his teachers grief. I lean over and kissed little Earl on his head and said “good night” all Boy.

The End.