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Alvin the Alligator

Alvin the Alligator


Alvin  was born in a litter of twelve. Alvin had five brothers and six sisters. He was the only one that gave his parents grief. Mostly because he was the only one always getting into trouble. Alvin often swam away from the rest of the tribe.

Alvin could remember his mother saying: Alvin, one day you are going to regret your bad behavior. He thought: Oh no I wont. Alvin was enjoying his bad behavior much too much.

Then it happen. One day he looked around and he didn’t see his sisters nor his brothers. He didn’t see his mother nor his father. Alvin found himself totally alone.

There was no family to be found. He looked underneath the nearest log. There  were no brothers there. Alvin saw a bush hanging over the edge of the riverbed. He searched underneath the bush, but there was no sister to be found. Alvin started to cry real crocodile tears.

There were some crocodiles swimming nearby.  They asked: Are you a wimp? Why are you crying my young friend?  Alvin politely said no. I am not a wimp. The crocodiles asked: Are you lost? You want to have some fun? Alvin the Alligator again said no. I was looking for my family. The young crocodiles laughed as they said: Good luck.We tried to help. We don’t know were our families are either. We just have fun swimming together.

Alvin said: Thanks buddies, but I have a strange feeling I will eventually find my family. The group of crocodiles swam away saying; good luck sucker. At first we all thought that. However, we never found our families.  Alvin went on alone down the river until it ended in a swamp.

In the distance, Alvin could see homes were the strange  beast called humans  lived. Mother taught him to stay away from the beast called human. That beast was the enemy. Humans caught Alligators and made Alligator soup. Humans said cooked Alligator meat was delicious. They would bar-B-Q Alligators; take their skin and make shoes for men and women. They would also take Alligator skin and make women’s purses. Mother would say: At all cost, stay away from humans.

Alvin had looked for his family so long,  he was hungry. Alvin looked all around until he saw apartments were humans lived. Dinner was up there too. Alvin saw a puppy dog on the porch. Boy, did that puppy look good to Alvin. There were seventy-five steps  leading up to the apartment. Slowly Alvin climb the stairs. Upon reaching the porch, Alvin was very tried. The dog saw him coming and ran into the house.

Alvin was so angry he had made the long journey up the steps only to loose his supper. In his anger, Alvin tore up the lawn furniture the humans had on the porch. Alvin made so much noise the humans inside took notice of him and called Animal Control.

Animal Control took Alvin back to the river and let him go free. There Alvin re-united with his family. Alvin promised his parents he would never disobey them again.

Change Changes Things

Change Changes Things

I understand why the animal lovers say we should not ware fur coats. Do those same animal lovers say we should not eat meat? I do feel better when I don’t eat meat. However, I must confess, occasionally I do. And I must also confess, I like it. A good hambuger, a good hotdog, Bar-B-Q some good ribs on the 4th of July is my way of saying Happy Birthday Country. Of course, people complain it does not mean the same for people of color. I don’t care if you are Black, White, Yellow or Red. Everyone is the same, as far as I’m concerned.
Yesterday I looked at Moe in his thick brown coat. He looked a little uncomfortable. This climate change is not working out too good for him. We humans can take off and put on if need arises, but animals can’t. I don’t have to worry about coats made from animals because there are few and fewer of them. This will make their coats more expensive. Eventually, it will be completely out of reach for most people.
When I was a little girl, I would cry when someone quoted the scripture that said “It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine”. My maiden name was Foxx. I did not want to be the one that spoiled the vine. Now, I think I would rather be a little fox. The big foxes get killed for their coats.
Today 3/12/17 here in Birmingham, Alabama it is cool again. Moe is okay. Soon he will shed his winter coat. At that time I hope it will not be too hot for him. He is an outside dog and no on one can force him to become an inside dog where he can come in and experience the cool air condition. There are more animals that are affected by climate change. We are all affected in some way; birds of the air, animals on land and even human who walk the earth. We should all become aware of what we are doing to mother earth. Industry, Law-Makers and even the common man should be cognizant of the little things we do.
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What Can We Do About Josette?

What Can We Do about Josette?

In the fall, birds would migrate to warmer weather before winter. Josette lived in north Alabama. Alabama is south of where the birds migrated from, but it was not as far south as the birds would go. In the spring of the next year they would migrate home. You could always tell the time of the year by the birds’ migration. You could always tell the direction; North, South, East & West by the direction the birds took.
Little Josette loved to welcome the bird each year. When Josette turned six, it was the very same scenario. Josette sat on the front porch in a big rocker waiting for the birds. When she turned seven and eight the birds had officially sat a pattern. They made a stop-over in Mr. Patterson’s big tree, next door, for the night and a stopover in Josette’s yard for food.
Josette would get extremely excited the first signs of autumn and spring. She knew time for the bird’s arrival was getting near in the fall, and she knew spring break was getting near in the spring. Autumn also provoked enthusiasm in Josette’s heart because she knew a new school year was starting and the birds were coming,
Mother made a ton of loaves of homemade wheat bread. The family would slice off a piece of bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, when the birds came daddy had to go to the store to buy sliced bread because Josette gave mother’s bread to her guess that spent the night in Mr. Patterson’s tree.
Daddy was so disappointed in Josette. The bread that mother cooked could smell up the entire street. It was just that good. Sliced bread from the store was not nearly as good. The birds listened carefully to Josette getting a whipping, but they would not fly away. They knew the next day Josette would be out there throwing bread in spite of here whipping. Daddy and Mother gave up. Mother started baking bread for the birds and baking bread for the family. Eventually Josette and her family moved away from that house and unfortunately, Josette never saw those birds again.

Part 2: An Enormous Giant

Part 2: An Enormous Giant

….when a little girl started to grow wings. Eventually the purple vegetables turned the world upside down. The only ones getting rich were the undertakers.
At first the bumps on her back frighten the little girl. When the wings completely covered her back, she discovered she could fly. At that point another funny thing happens. A flying carpet passed by. The little girl had never seen a flying carpet. Without thinking, the little girl jumped on. The little girl flew all over the world. When the little girl arrived at the destinations of her choosing, she would dismount and talk to the people. Constantly the little girl warned the people of the danger of eating, drinking or simply inhaling the purple vegetable. Everyone listened politely and some were convinced the little girl was right.
Little by little the people stopped eating, drinking and inhaling the purple vegetables. Little by little the world returned to its proper position. Everyone said the purple vegetables taste good but they knew the purple vegetables are not good for you. Some said their doctors told them to eat the purple vegetables. However, doctors and pharmacies from a strange land have come up with better vegetables that are not as harmful and less addictive.
With everything returning to normal, doctors and hospitals reopened. Lawyers and governments began functioning normally. Schools reopened and learning took its rightful place. Children went outside to play games again. The little girl helped the world to know; everything that looks good may not be good for you.

When We Pray

On Saturday, 09/26/2015  I went to the Summit Theater here in Birmingham, Alabama  to see The War Room. The daughter of the main character asked a few intimate questions of her mother about her hobbies and achievements. The mother  could not answer them.  That reminded me of a friend I had years ago. Her daughter was in the hospital fearing for her life. The daughter told my friend she would die. Her mother asked her why. The child asked her a few intimate questions about her life and she could not answer. Her daughter told her, her roommate’s mother could answer any question about her child’s life. Not only that her roommate’s mother was there every day praying for her recovery. She told her dauhgter she prayed too. However, her daughter insisted she did not pray for her the way her roommate’s mother prayed.

Eventually, her daughter’s roommate got  well and went home. My friend said her child died. Prayer changes things. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man/woman availed much. Even if you feel you are unworthy, ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be open unto you. For every one who have asked received;  and he that seeketh findeth, and to him that knocked it shall be opened.

The War Room was a movie with characters playing a part. My friend and her daughter were real people. My friend wished it had been a movie. She would have have played her part differently, I’m sure.

I am reminded of David and Saul. I’m sure David prayed for an opportunity to destroy Saul. Nonetheless, when the opportunity presented itself, David thought better of his opportunity. Vengeance is mine, said the Lord. You may destroy yourself trying to destroy someone else. Pray and leave the matter in the hands of the Lord. He will fix the issue in a way that it cannot be unfixed. Sometimes we get in God’s way. We prolong an issue that could be quickly resolved. Pray and let God do His work. There may be times when God give us duties to perform, let us do them and do them quickly. We should not be a hindrance to the will of the Lord.

Today, some of us may be in a war with the devil. The devil will not win.  If we Christians do not  pray scripturally, God will not give us victory. If we pray for the downfall of one of God’s children, we will not have the victory. God’s victory comes when we pray scipturally and let go and let God.When we read his words, He will teach us what to pray for.