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Part 5: The Cat’s Me ow

When the ladies finished their poker game, they all called for their cats.  No one made it in but Carolyn. The ladies called and called but no cat came.  Finally,  Lori ‘s owner received a call from the Humane Society. They were calling her because she put a chip in Lori and  ID was available to them.  Amy’s owner wanted to know if they could tell her if they had found Amy.  She described  Amy and told them if they had found another cat with Lori, more than likely it was Amy. She was told they had picked up an usual  number of cats that day and she would have to come down with Lori’s owner.  Unknown to the ladies, the pest control man left all of their gates open. Everybody’s cat was gone. Some could be easily identified by their chips and the others if no one claimed, would either be put up for adoption or  euthanized. She could look at all the cats brought in.  Some very pretty cats have been caught today, she was told.

Carolyn’s owner said Lori’s owner could not go to the Shelter alone, She would have her driver take them there. When all of the ladies got in the car, Carolyn jumped in too. Carolyn wanted to see if she could find Tom.

When they arrived at the Shelter the guard at the Shelter showed them all the cats brought in that day. Many of their neighbors were there also looking for their cats. Some people were there to adopt a cat or a dog.  Any cat or dog not picked up by their owners were either put up for adoption or euthanized to be made into toiletries.

After some of the people found their pet they adopted. Carolyn spotted Tom in a cage. He was singing: Nobody knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.   Carolyn walked up to his cage and said: Don’t worry Tom. My owner will adopt you. I won’t let them turn you into soap. Carolyn’s owner screamed: Get away from that alley cat! I paid too much for you to have you breed with some shelter cat! At that moment, Tom’s new buddy was led out of the room. Carolyn ask: Did someone adopt him? Tom said No! They are taking him away to be euthanized.  Immediately Carolyn began to cry. Her owner walked over to her and said : If you want me to adopt him, I will. But he will have to stay in his own cage. You will not be allowed to have any contact with him.  That was ok with Tom. For now, at least his life was saved.

To be continued

An Open Letter

An Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey
Dear Oprah
We love you. We adore your intelligence. You are the most powerful person in the United States of America. At first, I wrote “woman” instead of a person.
That was an understatement. Of course, you already know, you are rich. However, having said all of that, I sincerely wish you would not run for the presidency of the United States. Not because you could not handle the job. My personal rationale would be because you can do a lot more good for us where you are.
There are people who would try and age you immediately. Of course, Stedman knows he can not live at the Whitehouse unless he marries you. He will be forever known as Mr. Oprah Windfrey.
I don’t have to tell you” bigots” now believe they own a rite of passage. We are aware you can put a stop to that. However, we don’t want you to make the mistake that Hillary made. Don’t assume the Congress will agree with your methods just because “our time has come”. People will say to you “You go girl. We are behind you” and they are just to say so.  At the slightest sign of trouble they would be so far behind you one could not find them with a magnifying glass.
There are plenty good women in both parties who understand politics on the world stage. Some countries do not share our values. We must learn to understand them without making them feel like we are bullying them. Certain pressures do not work. They have never lived in a free society and they do not understand how it works. One thing this present government is saying is correct, we have been a little too lenient with some of the wrong governments. Russia is not the only government that has taken advantage of us.
Most of the governments in the world hate us while their people are trying to come live in The United States of America. Their desire is freedom while they try to turn our government into the one they are running away from. There are some confuse people in the world.
I am an old woman, seventy-four and one half. I have seen a lot of things. There is a lot I have not seen, therefore I am not telling you what to do. I am only saying what many people would say to you if they could. We love you. We will be with you in any decision you make. May God be with you.

Carrie Ware

Looking For The Right Fit

Looking For The Right Fit


Once upon a time, there was a fish who lived in the river with his Mom, Dad, and little Sister. They were a happy little family. Mom took care of the children while Dad swam off to work. Everything appeared to be going well until it was time for brother fish to go to school. Brother fish was a mother’s boy and he did not want to leave home and go to school. He could not deny he was the right age for school.  Neither could he deny the fish courts had zoned him for that school. Reluctantly he went to school.

A couple of months went by and brother fish complained to his parents he didn’t like school. His mother in a very delicate voice asked brother what was wrong with the school. Brother fish replied I don’t fit in. The teacher and all of my classmates look different. Brother could not deny they served good food for lunch. They played most of the same games he played at recess and they took lots of good field trips. Dad asked: Son, what is there not to like? Mother said: Ah, Dad, I’ll go ask his teacher what is wrong.

The very next day Mother got very busy doing things mother fish do. Near the end of the day, mother fish realized she had not done what she told brother fish she would do. Mother fish picked up the fish telephone and called the central office. Mother fish had not told brother fish but she was not happy with the school either.  The Big Fish in charge said he had gone by the school and discovered some of the same problèms himself. He advised mother fish to change schools. Mother fish asked: Can  I do that?  The courts ordered Brother to attend this school. Big fish said: Don’t worry, I’ll let the other school know he is coming. I will work everything out with the courts. Take brother out immediately. Don’t let that school damage his self-esteem. Mother said: Yes Sir, I will.

The very next day, brother was taken out of his old school and placed in another school. From that day on, Mother heard no complaints from Brother. Dad said I’m going to the new school and discover for myself what is so good about the new school. Dad went and came home with good news for Mother. Dad discovered they were all goldfish like the family. Next year when little sister gets ready for school, she will go to the goldfish school.  He was in a school of Cods. Now he is in a school of goldfish.

Part 1: How Santa Became A Legend

This play is about a little girl learning to take care of the things Santa gives her then her parents accidentally learning how Santa became a legend.

It is July, the dead of summer. A little girl sits outside her home underneath a willow tree with a doll she received from Santa last Christmas.

Mother: Joesetta, Bill, come in for lunch.
Joesetta: Yes Momma, let me finish combing Delorish’s hair.( minutes later)
Bill: (Joesetta’s brother comes out eating cake and ice cream) Yum, yum, This is good.
Joesetta: That looks like homemade cake and ice cream. Give me a taste!
Bill: Noooo, if you want some, go eat your lunch. Momma will gladly give you some.
Joesetta: Okay, just let me finish putting Delorish’s best dress on her. Joesetta gets busy doing what is important to her and forgets to eat lunch.
All the other children return from lunch; they want to return to play. Joesetta joins in with the children at play.
Mother: Dusk is falling children. Your parents need you to come home. Joesetta and Bill, come in now. Joesetta don’t forget to bring Delorish in with you.
Bill: Immediately Bill stops what he is doing and obeys his mother.{running in he ask Joesetta} Are you coming? Joesetta, Did you hear Mom? Are you coming? Come on right now!
Joesetta run in. She does not bring her doll in.

Daddy and Mother realize they have a problem. Joesetta does not obey when mother calls her for lunch and supper. With her chores she obeys to the letter. Joesetta’s disobedience only occurs when she is called to eat. The food is delicious. Sometimes, Her mom feeds Joesetta at night when everyone else is asleep. She does not want Joesetta to get sick due to a lack of food. What is she going to do with Joesetta?

to be continued

Part 3: Why do the Stars Twinkle?

rt 3: Why do the Stars Twinkle?


The King continued; I forbid even one invitation be sent Due North! Do you all understand? Everyone present replied; yes, my Lord, we understand. We understand clearly. They all bowed as they spoke. King Leo then called for the printer. King Leo instructed the printer to begin at once. They must all be printed individually by hand. The printer said; as your command, your majesty.  Hear my words printer and take dictations as I speak. Duplicate these words so each king and Queen surrounding our little village receives an invitation.   Let them know they may bring as many persons from their royal court as they wish. Let them know this is a very honorable and proper occasion.  Let me repeat what I have written; blubbered the printer.

Come to King and Queen Goma‘s Ceremonial Blessing for Boy Baby Bar jar. The grand ceremony will take place the last Wednesday of the month in the grand ballroom on the East wing of the Palace.

But, old Great King Leo, please tell me why your old friends King Pardus and Queen Bella are not invited. All present gasped long and loud. Then they all cuddled up shaking in a small corner of the room.  With fire in King Leo’s eyes, he responded:  you have not heard how two years to this very year, two hours to this very hour, two minutes to this very moment, how my old friends King Pardus and Queen Bella insulted my wife and me? Oh, no, Old Great King, replied the printer. I had not heard. If it pains you, you don’t have to discuss it. I’m sorry I asked. Immediately the king leaves the room.  Queen Danielle tells the Printer; everything is okay. I will tell you everything that happened. The Printer says; no, no my lady! If it brings bad memories, don’t tell me. However, Queen Danielle misses her old friends so much. She instructs the printer to send them an invitation and for the sake of King Leo, ask them to come prepared to ask for forgiveness. One of Queen Danielle’s ladies in waiting asked; please my lady, forgiveness for what? This is when Danielle told them. While our old friends King Pardus and Queen Bella were visiting us, King Pardus made a silly remark. The first Lady-in-Lady asked; my Lady, what did he say that was so hurtful? Queen Danielle replied; he was only joking, I’m sure. The First Lady –in-Waiting wanted to know, what   did he say to  you your Royal Highness? Queen Danielle told them they said King Leo and I had four girls. It was such a dreadful thing to come from his mouth.  Second Lady-in-Waiting retorted; I don’t understand, my Lady. You see it is true. Until the birth of Baby Bar jar you did have four girls and they do have four boys! But…but….that was not all he said. He told King Leo it was not destiny for him to have a boy. You know that struck King Leo in the pride zone. Without a boy, there would be no one to carry on his legacy. Every King desires his royal legacy passed on by way of his legal heir.

to be continued