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Little Turtle

Little turtle came home sad from school one day because he got in a big  fight.  After lunch, their teacher always took them for a walk around the playground. Often, the girls would get together and talk  as they walk.  The boys would race one another.  They had a physical education teacher, but their home room teacher took them to lunch and directly after lunch they had Math. His teacher always said the swift walk was good for their brain. He had to agree, the swift walk did make Math fun. Little turtle was always happy and this made his mother notice him more when he was sad.

Most of his classmates had green backs,  but one little turtle had a blue back. None of the other turtles would choose little blue back turtle to be on their team unless the teacher insisted they choose little blue back. Some were brown and green. Some were all brown.  Some were green and white, some were white and brown and some were all green,  but none were blue with the exception of one.

The teacher chose little green turtle to be the team’s captain. As captain,  you get to choose whoever you want on your team. Turtles are slow but little blue was extremely slower than most. Little blue would round the bases by the time P.E. was over.

Everyone on Little Green Turtle’s team wanted to fight him because he choose little Blue to be on his team. Little Green was a fighter so he whipped them all. All of little Green Turtle’s teammates went home crying to their mothers. Little Green Turtle cried too because he lost all of his friends. He knew little Blue was slow but he choose him in spite of his difference. We are all flowers in the garden. None of us are exactly alike. Even identical twins have different finger prints.

Little green back turtle’s mother asked little green back did little Blue seem infuriated by the fact that others left him out. Not at all times it is important that you feel it’s your duty to make others agree with you. Being silent is not always prudent nor is it always wise not to speak.  There are times things work themselves out on their own.

Most of us are like little green. We see an injustice and we want to correct it right then and there. Then, there are others who never take a stand.

The next day, all the boys declared Little Green a winner because he was not a coward. Even when your opinion is not popular. go ahead. Take a stand. You may think you are alone. The courage Little Blue received from being chosen just that one time gave him the incentive needed to do greater things.  Sometimes, one act of kindness affect all of their lives.

The next day Little Blue Back, no longer shy,  became the Math captain.



Part 10: The Cat’s Me ow

Tom  was insistent  that they wait before voting. Hear me out, Tom insisted. I have another plan that goes along with that plan. Speak up Tom. We have always depended on your guidance.  Don’t let us down. You were always our savior when things got ruff, the old   (P.H.C.I.C) cat said.

You must be willing to do some hard  work with us.  With a little doubtfulness in his voice,  Yellow Cat asked: What do you want us to do? Tomorrow is my last day of trial in this cage.  Are you sure? All of the other alleys wanted to know. He is telling the truth. I heard my owner tell her maid she thought Tom could be trusted. He has been in the cage long enough. They are going to test him tonight. If all goes well,  they will let him roam free tomorrow in the yard. Go ahead Tom. Share your plan, encouraged the alleys.

Tonight, you guys find a soft place under the fence. Dig until morning light. Tomorrow when Carolyn and I come out, we will cover the uncovered place where you dug with grass and twigs. Each night continue to dig until the place is large enough for Carolyn and me to get through. We will escape that way if you don’t like my first plan.

Now, you are making a little sense said Tabby. We will do our part. Just make sure you don’t renege on us,  said Old Cat. I wont, but I can’t leave without Carolyn. It is going to take some time. She thinks  the Vet. will artificially  inseminate her tomorrow. After she has her babies and wean them, Carolyn will be ready to go.

It will take time for us to get a whole built large enough for both of you to get through. We will start tonight. Carolyn may need to come before the babies are born. It takes too long to wean kittens. We don’t have that much time.

to be continued

Part 5: Why do the Stars Twinkle?

: Why do the Stars Twinkle?

Without the knowledge of King Pardus and Queen Bella, the village doctor packed a bag of witchery and traveled down to the palace of King Leo. In the royal nursery, he found Baby Boy Bar jar in the royal crib and turned him into a little black leopard.
The next morning Bar jar’s four older sisters came to admire their darling little baby brother. You can imagine the surprise on their small sweet faces when they saw the runty Black Panther in Bar jar’s Crib. What is this? Nine year old old Parthia shrieked. It’s a little black panther, squawked seven year old Regale! Can we keep it? Can we keep it? He is beautiful remarked five year old Malaria. Little two years old Carman eyeballed speechlessly. The three older girls were in a fit of delirium over the cute little black panther. They were so amazed over the little black panther; they totally forgot why they had come to the crib in the first place. Then, Parthia reminded them they had to find their baby brother. Then they could ask their parents if they could keep the cute little panther later. They knew the panther could not have done their brother any harm. It was much too small
The royal cook summoned the girls for their morning meal. They each apologized and made excuses. They each begged the cook to keep their meal warm and promised to come with great haste as quickly as possible. Time pass and it was time for the palace tutor to begin his indoctrination on the ways of royalty. The girls declined his invitation for schooling. They each politely begged his pardon and said they would come to class later. Meanwhile, each girl took turns watching the crib and looking for their baby brother. When the royal nurse came to feed or change the baby, the nurse was told to leave his bottle they would feed and change him. Parthia insisted the nurse leave the care of the baby to them. The nurse knew how the King felt about his girls. No one dared contradict Parthia. Therefore, while the Queen rested form the festive event, thinking her little baby boy was in good care, the girls continued to hide the fact the baby was missing. Carman spent most of the day with the little black panther. When it was time for her nap, she went to sleep. To the horror of her three older sisters, Carman said she dreamed the mother of the panther said she had Bar jar and it was a fair exchange. She would have our baby and we could have her baby.
After a long day of hunting, the King came by the nursery to visit his son. The girls had never lied to their father before. He knew them too well for any of them to fib to him. When the King asked to see his heir to the throne, all four of the girls burst out in tears. Parthia, Regale and Malaria were crying because they knew their baby brother was missing. Carman was crying because because she thought her father would make her give away her knew pet that she had grown to love. After listening to the girls, the King sent for the Queen.
The Queen entered the room unaware of the day’s event. She was told how the girls diligently watched the crib throughout the day and of their desperate search for their brother to no avail. The Queen fainted away in a fit of terror. What on earth happened to her baby boy! The royal physician said she was not capable of having another child. If this baby could not be found, King Leo would have no heir to the throne.
The royal family decided to keep the disappearance of Little Baby Bar jar a secret. They did not want it to get out there may be no heir to the throne. It could start a mutiny within the Kingdom.
to be continued