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At This Time In My Life


At This Time In My  Life

I have teased you with tales concerning  getting married again. It was February 25, 2006, we were on our way to Tuskeege, Alabama to my Mom’s Memorial when my husband and son were killed in  an automobile accident. Before now, I have not been serious about getting married again. After my birthday,  the 21st of July; I thought  maybe, perhaps, possiblely, it could happen.

I have a screening crew. If you pass them, you may call.  My screening crew consist of my son and his wife; my grandchildren, my nices and nephews, my great nices and nephews, my sister and my brother, my Meals on Wheels folk, my Prayer Team, my Greeters Team and my volunteer co-volunteers at the Civil Rights Institute.  If They all agree, I’ll see you.  They have my back and I have their back. If some how, we all miss the boat of having each others back, then we are all screwed.

The only requirements I have are that you are a learner, lover, and one who loves to laugh.

1. Learner = Learn to forgive

2.  Lover= Love Like it’s your last day on the planet (Don’t be a hater)

3.  Laugh=Because laughter is the medicine of Life.


Looking forward to meeting you. See you soon.  I’ve discovered I Am not as autarkical as I once thought.










Why Did God Save Me?

Why Did God Save Me?

Everyone and his Daddy knows what happened to me February 2006. My husband, son, my future daughter-in-law and I were on our way to Tuskegee, Alabama to my Mom’s Memorial. We never arrived. A drunk driver ran us off a bridge in Calera, Alabama onto a set of railroad tracks on a rainy Saturday morning. The two women survived but the two men did not.
While I was in the hospital, I would often lay in my bed wondering why did I survive. Certainly it was not because I was the good one. I knew God had a purpose but I didn’t know what his purpose was. The answer always alluded me. Until today I was listening to PBS 01/28/2017 at about 3:00 p.m. Alabama time. People from every walk of life who were honored at Carnegie Hall; often said they were saved to save some else. I then asked myself: Who did I need to save? Myself perhaps?
Then I thought no. God saved me. He could have saved some one else if He had wanted to. He wanted to make a point. He wanted me to save some one else and I did. I may have made more enemies in the meantime but with fear and trembling I did what God wanted me to do.
You are welcome! Maybe not today or maybe never. But be sure you were saved. Perhaps not today or ever you will realize it was me that saved you but be sure there were others that figured you out. I was only the catalyst God used.

The Time Draws Nearer

Time for the release of The Advance draws closer and closer. As I sat at my computer, I decided to share why I wrote The Advance.

Why I wanted to tell this story
Before my Mom went home to be with the Lord, she told us on several occasions she did not want a funeral. If we wanted to honor her, do it while she was alive. She insisted she wanted to smell her flowers while she was alive. Not just smell the flowers, but she did not want anyone looking up her nose while she lay flat and could not do anything about it.
My father was not quite as dramatic about anyone looking at him and he could do nothing about it. He had a more reasonable reason for not wanting a funeral with a body. He always tried to help somebody thru his travels in life. He wanted science to use his body for research. His feelings were, young doctors needed to practice on something besides artificial parts. They needed to practice on the real thing. In that way they could become better doctors and it would be beneficial to future generations.
They both had memorials and there was nothing either one could do about that. My father was a minister and there were many ministers who wanted to say good-bye to my father. Also, the family needed some type of closer. I too have given my body to science. The ones to make decision about what to do with my remains after the company has gotten everything they need, will make that decision later when the times comes
Others have done what to them seem just as noble. They have signed up by way of their driver’s license to be organ donors I can agree with anything that helps the human race live a better existence. Some people have the mindset; they don’t want to go into heaven with anything missing. These people need to read their Bible again. We will have glorified bodies. We will have no need for the bodies we have now.
At my father’s Memorial, I started thinking. What if something went wrong? Of course, in the story I wrote, nothing really goes wrong legally, however, the way the characters inter act with one another presents a problem that could put the entire business in jeopardy. Sometimes greed of a few, cast a sour light on the whole business. Because of a prayerful man, the schemes of the wicked failed.
There are times the wicked seem to prosper. Those are the times, unrighteous men want to give up and give in. In some cases the wicked make it appear they are right and the godly man is wrong. Instead of giving up, the righteous should let this be a time to draw closer to God. In The Advance, circumstances challenge Joe’ integrity. He could have easily said:
This does not concern me. I will pretend I don’t know this. I will let whatever will be, be.
Nonetheless, because he was a man of integrity, he shared his knowledge at the right time. Because Joe was a godly man, he did not remain silent. Sometimes if we share something right at the wrong time it can be disastrous. Wait on the Lord. Again I say wait! You will mount up as an eagle. With two wings you shall fly. Wait! Again, I say wait!