Thanksgiving at Madea’s House

Thanksgiving at Madea’s House
Wouldn’t it be funny if Madea was alive today? She was our real Madea. Our real Madea would give Tyler Perry’s Madea a run for the money. There was no one funnier than our Madea. I am sure every Black family in America over the age of forty had their version of a Madea. All Modeas said exactly what they wanted to say. They did exactly what they wanted to do and no one dared try to stop them from saying or doing anything. All of the Madeas I knew would give you the shirt off of their backs but would insist that you wash and iron that shirt every day.
Every Thanksgiving all of the Foxxes and off springs of Foxxes met at our Medea’s house. We used Thanksgiving for an excuse for a family reunion. Our family was small however some kin from other states met us also. Madea’s house in Tuskegee, Alabama was small but most of us slept at her house in her beds and on her floors. Some went to the homes of my sisters and other relatives but most of us stayed at Madea’s.
It was customary for us to have a program at the church. She always had a program made out with exactly what she wanted each participant to do. No instantaneous changes could be made to Madea’s prepared program. You were told what to do, when to do it and how to do it. That was the law and she was the prophet. I was fortunate enough to be chosen as the M.C. each year. There were some that were not satisfied with her choice but no one ever challenged her. I did exactly what I was told to do. I did no more or no less.
She slaved and slaved for months and months getting ready for Thanksgiving. Madea baked and froze pies, cakes, greens, corn on the cob and fried corn in the skillet, several different kinds of casseroles, turkey, ham, duck & chicken were the dinner dishes. At the time for serving, she would have hot homemade rolls, country cornbread and country buttered muffins. She insisted there would be no help except for the cakes. My two older sisters made cakes Earlier in the day Tuskegee University played Alabama State in Montgomery. Those who enjoyed football attended the game before dinner.  Once Madea got too feeble to cook, we ate as a family in a restaurant. While she was alive no one dared tried to prepare Thanksgiving Dinner.
On the Friday after Thanksgiving, our family had a fish fry regardless of the weather. It was always held in some kin’s backyard over an open fire. Tall tales were told and some told even taller lies. All I am saying, we had fun.

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