The Beavers

Mother Beaver was extremely busy getting her house ready for winter. She told Daddy this is more than a family project. This is a community project. All of the Beavers in their colony  were preparing for winter. Most father Beavers don’t have to be told to do their part of wintering their own domain, For the most part, readying the home and common community habitat  just comes natural.

Beaver’s  impoundments or homes are built under water to keep away predators such as coyotes, wolves, bears and to provide easy access to food during winter. Beavers are vegetarian. Being a vegetarian makes it hard to find food during cold months.  That is why Mother was so upset with father. Father knew winter was on its way. Yet, he was as nonchalant as a bug on a rug. Mother Beaver was extremely troubled. Father Beaver was completely out of character.

Other fathers were cutting down timbers and trees for dams and canals, or helping to  build a lodge for the community. Mother told her children: your father’s great engineering skills are just going to waste. We try not to get caught up in anger  because humans use our castoreum from our bodies to make perfume for women. But your father is making me sick.  Humans  have very little appreciation  for the work we do purifying the water for all species who make use of the lakes and streams. We need  a mascot like Yogi the Bear. Yogi the Bear has made humans aware of the forest. We need a mascot to encourage humans to help take care of our oceans, rivers and lakes.

None of the the other fathers complained. They had not noticed that Father Bill was not doing his  fair share of the work. One of the Mother Beavers did notice. She mentioned her observation to one of the other mothers. They all begin to gossip. It was gossiped among the lady Beavers that Betty had married a lazy Beaver.  No one could truthfully accused him of being ” A busy Beaver”.  All of the women chuckled behind Betty’s back. One Mother Beaver said: Her Mother should have warned her. We mate for life. I guess she is just stuck with him.


to be continued…..

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