The Big Face Off

Yesterday I had to babysit my grands. I experienced one of the more enjoyable experiences I have ever had. The seven year old is a girl. The thirteen month old is a boy. The thirteen month old would take one of the toys of the seven year old and waddle away. She would catch him and ask “what do you think you are doing? Girl play with girl toys! Boys play with boy toys!”  You are not a girl so leave my toys alone. That begs the question. If men want their little boys to be boys, should they allow them to play with girls’ toys? The same with little girls. Should they be allowed to play with boy toys? Who established the rule that trains were for boys and dolls were for girl?

In the old days, mothers wanted their little girls to get married and become mothers. Consequently, they practiced with dolls. Truck, train and airplanes were for boys. Now, we have stay-at-home dads and women flying airplanes, driving trucks and trains. What rule does one follow?

In the old days, I was considered a tomboy.  My brother and the neighborhood boys built a playhouse. They stuck a sign on the door that read NO GIRLS ALLOWED.  That made me hot as fire. I wanted to see what they had in there just because that sign was on the door. I told my mother I was going to join the club. A little boy we called NuNu, one of the officers of the club said I could join if I could pass the initiation. I told my mother I could do anything they could do and probably better. NuNu waited until my parents had gone to the Annual Conference for the African Methodist Episcopal Church in our district. He and my brother told me to jump the picket fence between our yard and my next door neighbor’s yard. They all told me everyone else who was a part of the club jumped. I attempted the jump and landed in the middle of the fence. Of course, blood gouged everywhere. My parents left my oldest sister in charge. She felt it was her responsibility to keep all of her younger siblings out of trouble. Our family doctor knew us. She couldn’t take me there, therefore, she doctored on me herself. My parents found out about the incident years later. After that I remained a girly girl.

Could the seven year old be on to something? Should girls stick to girl things?

Should boys stick to boy  things?  Let’s have a face off. Tell me what do you think?


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