The Duck That Swam Alone

Most people know on Fridays I volunteer with Meals on Wheels. On Fridays, I drive by Eastlake Park on my way home from delivering Meals. Last Friday, the Park was desolate. The Birmingham Police at one time had a station across the streets from the park, that made us all feel safe. They needed a larger building and are no longer there. Before the city built The Railroad Park, Eastlake Park was hustling and bustling with families feeding the ducks. The Birmingham City Firemen used the park as their training ground for speed. Often I would see Alabama Navy Seals and even the Birmingham City Police used the park as a training ground. Last Friday the park was empty. I decided to walk alone on the walking trail for old times sake.
While walking, my eyes fell on a duck that swam alone. Other ducks at the park either slept in a huddle or were busy together cleaning themselves. I wondered if they were like the animal kingdom. Animals will not allow a sick animal to mingle with them. Not even the mother of a sick animal. The sick animal is left alone to either heal itself or die. My mind went to several different places. Could it be that the duck desired to swim alone? It’s possible that the duck didn’t want the companionship of another duck. Perhaps, if he was in a group, he would have to go where the group went. Perhaps, he needed to meditate.
I wanted to be alone. To meditate would be the reason I wanted to walk alone. According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia, meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique such as focusing their mind on a particular object thought or achieve a mind clear and emotionally calm state.
Mediation has been practiced since antiquity in numerous religious beliefs. Since the 15th century, It has spread from its origins to other cultures where it is commonly practiced in private and business life. Mediation may be used with the aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and pain and increasing peace, perception, self-concept, and well-being.
This past Wednesday I could have used more prayer and meditation. I co-lead a small group at my church and one of the ladies in my group said something I knew was not a true statement. Instead of calmly telling her that was not always true, in a frenzy of words. I bashed her. Of course, I apologized. Very sweetly she accepted my apology.
All I want to say, time alone is not a bad thing if that time is spent in true prayer and meditation. Simply walking alone with your own thoughts may not be the best thing for one of God’s creatures. That duck just as we may have needed to be alone at that time. However, just like us, especially husbands and wives. God’s advice to us is to be alone for prayer and meditation. Afterward, we should reunite.

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