The Good Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming. I hope it wont be coming around the mountain when it comes. I can remember singing “She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes”.  People of a certain age can remember our teachers having the whole class sing all of the words and verses. As an adult I was singing “Coming around the mountain”. I got to the part that said “we will hide the old red rooster when she comes”. A younger woman who had never heard that verse thought that was very selfish. What was wrong with me? I didn’t want to share? Well, I had never thought about it. “Coming around the mountain” was just a song. Hiding the old red rooster was just what we would do.  She would be eating everything from soup to hay.  We all would shout out ” hide the rooster”! Why not hide the old red rooster?  That greedy kin(s) woman would eat anything she saw.

I was just thinking, maybe now we  don’t have to hide the old red rooster for Thanksgiving. Perhaps, “She” is on a diet. Everybody now is health conscious.

For us, Thanksgiving was like a family reunion.  People we would only see at funerals and holidays would be there. My mother would cook for days and days storing pies and cakes in the deep frig. Everybody loved her cakes. After all, people ate their wedding cake(s) a year later to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. She would cook her vegetables days ahead and put them too in the frig.  Mom would purchase the meats for us to snack on days ahead. The only meat we had fresh was our main meat. It didn’t matter whether it would be a turkey or a duck or some other pheasant. Regardless of the weather, with the exception of rain, we would always cook our fish over an open fire outside the Friday after Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day the guys would go to a football game to watch the game and the cheerleaders. Sometime they would watch the college bands and the majorettes. After the game, the family would worship together in our oldest sister’s church.

We would stay at hotels, at family houses and of course the home house. My parents have transition from this life to life everlasting. Times are good but they are not the same. We might be happy to see her when she comes. No one needs to “hide the old red rooster”! Maybe we will start new traditions. Now is the time for us to start our own Good Thanksgiving Traditions.

The end

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