The Jungle Party

I went to the Jungle festival holiday party. Everyone in the jungle came. The guest list read like Who is Who among animals. Mr. & Mrs. Baboon came with six of their children. A family of Hippopotami came with their darling little ones. There were the Wolves and their relatives. All the Foxes were there. Mr. and Mrs. Elephant and their one-year-old only son attended. Other Elephants were there too. No one was surprised at seeing a whole host of Hyenas. They are always a show wheresoever there is food. The Monkeys, Alligators, Crocodiles and the Kangaroos were there as well.
The Kangaroos were newlyweds. They were legitimately in love. Everyone could tell because the two stayed wrapped around each other’s neck.
The little Baboons and the little Monkeys started playing around the mulberry bush. Each time they ran around the bush, they each would eat one of the mulberries. The little Baboons ran around so many times eating mulberries, they ran their sugar up and fell over Mrs. Elephants’s trunk. Mr. Elephant was so angry with the little Baboons for embarrassing Mrs. Elephant in front of her only child, he scolds them for running over his wife’s trunk. Mr. Baboon became insulted that Mr. Elephant scolds his children. He started a scrimmage with Mr. Elephant. It was not Mr. Monkey’s fight, donnybrook he jumped into the brawl to help Mr. Baboon because Mr. Elephant was about to get the best of Mr. Baboon. It was The King’s party. Mr. Lion, the King of the jungle, called the jungle police. The jungle police were represented by all of the animals of the jungle.
They came and pulled Mr. Elephant and Mr. Baboon apart. Mr. Elephant and Mr. Baboon were arrested. The families of Mr. Baboon, Mr.Elephant and Mr. Monkey went home. It should have been a happy occasion, however, it turns sour. All the other animals lost their joy until the Lion King started singing Joy To The World. Everyone joined in and afterward, the party continued. All the mothers watched their children and everyone had fun. The Baboons, the Elephants, and the Monkeys missed the fun.

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