The Magic Chest



The Magic Chest


Once there was a Great King over a Great kingdom. The king often rode from one  side of the kingdom to the other side of the kingdom on his hunting trips. One day as the King was taking his usual ride he spotted a wolf.  The wolf was there before the time of the kingdom, during the time of the kingdom and will be there after there are no more kingdoms. Upon the first sight of the wolf, the King’s initial instinct was to slay the wolf, however he noticed the wolf did not advance. Satisfactorily. The King put his sword  aside.

He told his advisors about this strange encounter with the wolf. He asked his advisors to conquer the wolf and bring the wolf to him. The advisors who were always obedient to the king attempted to do just that. Sadly, they told the king they could not make the wolf come. One advisor told the king he knew how to make the wolf come willingly. The advisor attempted and failed. The king who was not a tolerate man, banished that advisor from the kingdom.  What no one knew, the wolf was a magic wolf. The wolf lived there before the time, during the time and after the the time of the Kingdom as a regular human, The wolf lived among them.

A few advisors from time to time had stolen from the wolf.  The wolf knew about their theft, but said nothing about it. The wolf knew what a rift it would cause in the Kingdom. Not all of the advisors shared in the theft. Those that did not get their share would ask: Where is mine?

Some of the advisors discovered the wolf knew they had stolen from him and thought if they captured the wolf, things might turn out disastrously.  The advisors discovered the wolf lived there before time, during the time and after time. It was his home.  The Queen wanting to protect the kingdom asked the Advisors to slay the wolf. The Advisors found a substitute and told the Queen the wolf wanted to destroy the kingdom and take their magic chest. They tried and tried with no success to destroy the wolf. Not knowing, the wolf was the one filling the magic chest they stole from, they came up with another stupid idea. They sent the imposter on a journey for the king that turned out to be a disaster. The king not knowing the importance of the journey thought he had done something great that he could be richly rewarded for. The King, because of his own over grossed self-esteem, caused a great dilemma in the entire kingdoms. The King decided to invite soldiers of fortunes from around the world to come and destroy the wolf.

What the King and his Advisors didn’t know, the magic chest was not for his kingdom alone. It was for all the kingdoms. Not only that, the magic chest was not for the truly greedy but the truly needy.

The ideas they were trying to protect were the ideas that would destroy them. The wolf has a protective shield around him.  The arrows that are sent to him will bounce back and destroy the sender. The King requested the impossible.  His Advisors are not ask to bow down to the wolf neither is the King.  All the wolf asks, at a little at a time, replace the stolen treasure.

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