The Missing Dad

I miss that dog said mother dog.  All of her puppies missed him too. Sonny, the first puppy to come out said: I’m going to find our Dad. Do any of you want to go with me? BoBo the second puppy said I’ll go with you. Ray Ray, the third puppy out said: I’ll go too.  Sonny  tried to warn them of the danger in the streets. People were driving crazy and dog catchers were on the prowl. They were strays with no collars.  The streets were a dangerous place to be.  Sonny told all the other puppies to stay put and protect their mother.

The three puppies began their journey. They trouted  proudly all around town looking  in every  possible crack and conner. They looked in every junk yard and every train yard in town.  They can sincerely say they looked everywhere they thought their father could be. When the sun went down, sadly they started home. On their way home, Sonny decided to take the short cut.  The tails of Sonny, BoBo and Ray Ray stood straight.  They heard a familiar bark.  FATHER they all shouted gleefully.  They peeped through a crack in the fence and saw their Dad all tied up.  A little boy caught him and tied him up.  Ray Ray said: I knew it! If father could get away, he would.  Sonny said: we are just going to figure a way to help.

When the sun went down and the moon came up, Sonny,  BoBo  &  Ray Ray strolled into the yard and tried to free their Dad.  Their Dad was asleep.  As they started to chew on the rope, their Dad woke up.  Dad said:  boys!, what are you doing here? Sonny said: Dad, we are here to free you and bring you home. Dad said: Don’t do that. I’ve found happiness here. I’m fed everyday. They take me to the Vet.  They deworm me and they promise to take me to dog groomer once a month. Ray Ray started to cry as he ask: What about us? Dad, you don’t love us anymore? Bo Bo and Sonny told their Dad how hard it was for them since he left that morning to find food for the family. Mother missed him too.

When their Dad realized how selfish it would be if he stayed there with the new folk and allowed his  family to suffer,  Dad told his boys to chew on. He was going home.


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