The New Adventures of Old Owl

All Mighty Ale gave Old Wise Owl a new assignment. Old Wise Owl was now a postal Owl. His duties were to carry messages from one post to another. Old Wise Owl was very happy with his new assignment. It felt like a vacation in comparison with his last assignment. The two assignments were as different as day is from the night. They were totally dissimilar in every way imaginable. Old Wise Owl thought he was extremely lucky to have landed such a wonderful assignment.
Then a Dark Cloud arose. Old Owl looked up at the sky and said to himself, I’d better be quick. That Dark Cloud looks dangerous. Can I make my destination in time? I’ve heard stories of how Dark Clouds have interfered with the navigation of owls in the past. Sometimes Owls loose sense of direction. On other occasions, they have lost their packages. Even worst, Owls have lost their lives. Dark Clouds have sown so much havoc that nothing less than destruction lay in their path.
Other Owls could not outrun Dark Cloud but Old Wise Owl had a fantastic idea. Old wise Owl had been told stories of a little girl who had planted a tree in her backyard. The tree had been planted for the purpose of one day building a swing made of a tire for the little girl. However, the tree did not grow as fast as her father wanted it to grow. Her father decided to uproot the tree and plant it in another place in her garden. The little girl’s father tried and tried to pull the tree up but he could not. The father then decided to use his old pickup truck to pull the tree up. The little girl’s father tied a rope to the tree and the other end of the rope to his truck. Father tried again to pull the tree up. Father tore the backend of his truck up but the tree never bulged. The tree had deep roots.
Old wise Owl decided to find that tree and hollow out a place in the tree to hide until Dark Cloud past. At the passing of Dark Cloud, the winds howl and other trees bent or were blown away but the little girl’s tree stood strong and mighty. Old Wise Owl was safe.
The moral of this story is to find yourself an unbending safe tree with deep roots and wait for the Dark Cloud to pass. When the storms of life are raging, stand.

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