The Peculiar Noise Mystery!

The last Thursday of summer camp, I picked up my grand-daughter and took her to her Dad’s Barber Shop. Her mom told me
Madelyn had a bit of reservation about summer camp. During summer camp, one of the studies Madelyn enjoyed was solving mysteries.

Usually, it is a long ride of silence unless I ask a question about her day at camp. This particular day, she was extremely chatty. We chatted on and on about her washing machine. She said It made peculiar noises during the cycle. Madelyn said mother stopped and listened to the peculiar  noise made by the washing machine. Mother ask: Why is this machine making all this noise? A few minuets later her father passed the washing machine. Father ask: Why is this machine making so much noise? Gabriel, her baby brother, just stopped and stared. Gabriel didn’t say anything. However, his stare said it all. Madelyn could just hear his thoughts asking: Why is this machine making so much noise? Detective Madelyn put on her thinking cap and prepared to solve the mystery. A good detective always follow clues. Madelyn asked herself what clues are necessary  to solve this riddle. First, I will go with the known facts. Fact number one: the washing machine is making noise. There is no fact number two. Since Nana had not been over my house, I’m sure she is not responsible for the weird sounds we heard. Papaw nor grand-mother Thomas had been at our home either.

That left only the people who live in our house. The guilty parties are Mother, Daddy, Gabriel and me. Since I didn’t do it, that leaves only Mother, Daddy and Gabriel. Daddy never wash dirty clothes. Baby Gabriel is not strong enough to open the washing machine door. That leaves only Mommy. Fact 1. Mommy always wash the family clothes. Fact number 2. There is no fact number two. Mommy did it!!! Now that I know Mommy did it. I needed proof. A good detective always have proof. Proof number 1. When the machine stopped, I found dirt from our outside garden. Who goes outside to the flower garden? MOMMY! Fact 2. I found a flip flop mixed in with our Clothes. Whose flip flop was it? MOMMY! Mystery solved! My mother was the guilty culprit for the peculiar noise our washing machine was making.

That’s how a nine year old girl solves the mystery of the noisy washing machine.
The end. Case closed.
I thought about another scenario that could explain the mystery of the noisy washing machine. There could possibly be more than one conclusion one could come to in order to solve this case. What if little Gabriel had thrown Mommy’s flip flop in while Mommy was loading the clothes? Gabriel is a helpful little fellow. A friend of mine saw me at the bank one day. She told me: your grandson is a fine little fellow when he is asleep. My thoughts, exactly. We now have two possible culprits. Who knows which one did it? Who cares????

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