The Real Word Needs Sharing

I do not write religious stories. I write things that happen each day. Sometimes
they are things going on in my life or have gone on and sometimes they are things that are going on
somewhere else. Some of my writings are fairytales.
After having said all of that, I just read an interesting article written by
Samuel G. Parkison. He is a Ph.D. student at Midwestern Baptist Theological
Seminary. You can follow him on Twitter @samuel parkison (
samuel-parkison. The article discussed the Christian and Demon Possession.
His last paragraph summarised everything I thought. He said: “Jesus has not finally
ridden the world of demons. At present, we still wait for the final arrival. In this
sin-cursed world, demonic bullying (https://www.thegospel still happens. As we wait, furthermore,
we struggle not against flesh and blood, but the spiritual forces of darkness. Yet, we
ought never to be overcome with fear. Demons cannot take us over, Satan cannot
un-save us. Our spiritual warfare is ongoing, but we know how this story ends.”

I came across Samuel’s article because our pastor emailed his membership to remind all

of us to read his article in The Christian Post. He too wrote a magnificent article. Our
pastor’s article dealt with “Why Blacks are leaving the White Evangelical Churches”.
No one can truthfully say our pastor is biased when it comes to race, gender, age,
economic differences or any other perceived differences. The article simply points
to the fact that on many occasions, some White Pastors have taken a positions
that erode our sense of identification. As I have said so many times when people
want to go back to the good old days ask yourself, when were they for people
of color. He said “The degree to which white evangelical churches stick their heads
in the sand and don’t deal with this is the degree to which they will no longer be
relevant to people of color: they will continue to misrepresent scripture,
prostitute the Gospel for political gain and even betray the heart of
real evangelicalism.
He went on to say: “Part of the brilliance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other Civil
Rights leaders were that they challenged white churches in particular to embrace all of
Scripture, not just the verses they used to justify their warped beliefs.” I say hurrah for
The Christian Post to dare to publish such a dynamic article. I just hope our pastor realizes
God is not through with him yet. He is a young man with so much to offer the world.

God is using him and He will use him more. The only thing he has to do
is just let God have his way. We can not and we should not always want to be in
control. I know White and Black Ministries have boards to answer to. Sometimes
Black and White Ministries are controlled by people who have prostituted the scriptures.
Let us not forget, there are Blacks in churches other than Evangelistic Churches. They
too need to hear the true Words of Christ. To my pastor, in my eyesight, you are on the right


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