The Sad Hawk

It was a dark and dismal  summer’s night. The darkness was so thick, poor Hawk couldn’t  see his own wings. He could only hear them  flopping  wildly  in the heat of the night.   Thick  dark clouds covered the sky.  Not a star could be seen for miles around. Hawk was exhausted. He was trying to fly with the eagles but they kept going higher and higher and faster and faster. Poor Hawk could not keep up and eventually lost his way.  He was so tired trying to keep up, he decided to stop at an old oak tree he managed to spot buried  deep in the foliage of  the forest floor. In the next tree over he heard a strange voice saying Poor Hawk, Poor, Poor Ha

. Hawk looked over and saw an owl. Hawk said: Mr. Owl, is that you saying Poor Hawk, Poor

 Poor Hawk?  Mr. Owl answered: yes, it is I. Hawk ask: why are you saying that? You don’t know me.  Owl replied: I don’t know you, but I know your kind.  You left home. You wanted a quick  start  on your own. The Eagles quickly identified you as wanting too much too soon. They Know Hawks are Swift  but Eagles are swifter. They advised you to disown your  parents and make a life for yourself.

Foolishly  you followed their advise.  Even when your parents are wrong , never disown them nor tell others they are mentally unbalanced. Remember the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Soon they will put it out that you are unbalanced too. Eagles will pretend to be your friend as long as you have something to offer them. When everything is spent, they will give you no pity.  They will fly higher and higher, faster and faster and then laugh in your face. Go home Hawk. You are always loved at home no matter how far you roam.

Hawk went home to find his parents well. He discovered the eagles had lied to him to get him to do what they wanted him to do.  Hawk learned a lesson. Everything that glitters is not gold and everything  that sounds exciting is not as exciting as it might sound.

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