The Wind Blew Momma’s Hat

One day my Momma told me a story of what happen when I was a little, around two years old. She said:

We were going somewhere. I do not remember where. However , I do remember her telling me this story. It was in the summer. It was not on a Sunday because the other children were not with us.

In order for us to go where we were going, we needed to cross the railroad tracks. The wind was high that day and it blew my Momma’s hat off. This particular hat was an expensive gift from the missionary society.  My mother was the pastor’s wife and from time to time the missionary society gave her gifts. My Mom really liked the hat and when the wind blew it off, she went back for it.  When my Mom bent down to get the hat the wind blew it further away. Twice she bent over to get the hat but the wind blew it  even further.  Finally, she got the hat but when she looked up a train was coming. I was on one side of the tracks and she unfortunately, was on the other side of the tracks. In her hysterics, she waved her hand for me to stay put.  Being so young, I did bot understand the hand jester and I assumed it meant,  come to me.  The train kept coming and I kept going to my Mom.  At that point,  she didn’t know what to do. The train was too near for her to come to me. She went down on her knees and began to pray. Thinking when she looked up she would see a little greasy spot where I had been. To her relief and surprise she could see between cars as they passed by a man holding my hand.

When the train eventually passed on, she ran and kissed me all over. Then she turned to thank the man who had held my hand.  To her surprise, he had not waited. She thought to herself, he couldn’t have gone far. She looked north, no one  was there. She looked south, no one was there. She looked to the east, no one was there. She looked to the west, no one was there. My Mom has since gone on to be with the Lord. Mister, if you are still among the living, from the bottom of me and my Mom’s heart, we thank you.

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