Thinking Back

Some of us can look back for a far distance. Some of us not so much. I have a long distance of time to ponder over.  My parents would disagree with me. My Mom was 94 when she passed away and my dad was 104.  It doesn’t seem like it, however it has been 76 & 1/2 years for me. I have lived through some turbulent  times.  Then again, I can say I have lived through some happy times.  It’s all in the way you look at it. Some see the glass as half empty and others see the glass half full.

When I was a little girl we sang a song in elementary school call “Fa la la la”. The song says

Some think the world is made for fun and foley, and so do I.  And so do I.

Some think it is wise to be all melancholy. To pine and sigh, to pine and sigh.

But  I , I love to spend my time in singing. Some joyous song, some joyous song.

To set the air with music gayley ringing. it’s far from wrong. It’s far from wrong

Harken, harken, music sounds afar. Harken, harken, music sounds afar. Tra la la la.

Tra la, la , la. Tra la, la, la. Joy is everywhere tra la la la la la la la.

Give away some of your sunshine these cold winter months. Tra la la la. Tra la la la.

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