Those Were The Days

We are a nation of football lovers. During my husband’s life time, he enjoyed football so much  he hosted  football parties.  Richard enjoyed cooking bar-be-cue pork shoulders and pork ribs on the grill for his friends. He made his own secret sauce and  all of the other refreshments were up to me.  Everyone would eat as much as they wanted and take home plates with them. For dessert, I made homemade  ice cream and cakes from scratch.  At the time, it seemed like work, but I miss that work and I miss him.

Most of the time , the women watched the game on the television  in the kitchen and the men were in Richard’s man cave. However, if the game got real tight, we all went to the cave and screamed for our favorite team. Those were the days, my friends. We thought they would never end. They lasted only for a short time in the scope of human events.

There is a lesson for all of us. Cherish each day the Lord gives you with the ones you love.  There is no guarantee they will always be there.

I can remember one happy time we had with our boys and some of their friends. The adults were all in the house watching the game. The boys wanted to ruff it outside. They took Richard’s  boyscout  tent and decided to pretend they were in the woods. Eventually darkness fell and they turned on their flash lights and told ghost stories. Dishon was telling a ghost story about a big  ravenous bear. At the time we had several dogs. One of the dogs got courious as to what was going on in the tent.  As long as he had been living , no one had ever pitched a tent in the backyard. Richard  Dishon  put his  flash light in the center of the tent and the boys  were very afraid because the story was so very scary.  The curious dog stood up on his hind legs and put his front paws on the side of the tent. One of the guys looked up and saw the shadow the dog made on the tent and thought they were  about to be  attacked by a big ravenous bear. They tore up Richard’s tent trying to get back into the house  By that time the team they wanted to win was winning and they stayed in the house until the game was over.

Cheer up! If your team does not win this time. Better luck next year.  Somebody must win and somebody must lose. That’s life! There will be another Super Bowel next year.

Cherish your love ones. You can never give love away.


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