Tiny Flea and Sherrie Bumblebee

Tiny Flea and Sherrie Bumblebee

Sherrie Bumblebee fluttered from  flower to flower. She made all sorts of bee sounds. Her responsibility was to pollinate  the flowers to make more flowers and trees where she visited. Sherrie took her responsibility very serious. Sherrie knew her pollination was very important  to the ecology of the planet.  There were humans campaigning for the solitary of her species. People needed the Honey Bees as well as the bumblebees and even the wild Bees like Harry. Sherrie could see the value of human being around. Even though they sometime got in her way.They too had a purpose . Many of the actions that humans took {such as getting laws passed protecting flower rich habitat creations for Bees, protection from pesticides that are harmful to her kind and many other species} could assist biodiversity as a whole.

One fine summer day. Sherrie met a flea.  Sherrie asked the flea: What is your name and why are you here?   Do you benefit planet earth?

Proud Tina the Flea answered: My name is Tina. Some think I am not good for anything. No one ever report anything good about me. However, let me tell you something. I do have a purpose.

Sherrie said: This should be good. Let me hear what you have to say.

Tina the Flea told  Sherrie: I am a part of the check and balance system. I am the vector who introduce disease into the population  of both man and beast. When the population of other nuance become too aggressive, I bite them and thus weaken their system and they die out. We all have a purpose  for existing. Just because mine is not as grandiose as yours, does not mean I should not be on planet earth.

Sherrie thought for a moment , then she said: Ok, simply because I don’t want you here, does not mean you should not be here. Just do not  bite me or get in my way.

The moral of the story is we all play a role on the earth, even the flea.

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