Last night, Jefferson County, Birmingham, Alabama experienced a big scare. We were under a tornado watch. We were already under the coronavirus pandemic watch. The two watches made many of us feel a little neurotic.

The weatherman announced Central Alabama, Jefferson County and Birmingham, Alabama were all caught up in the tornado watch. Before he could finish that sentence,  another sentence rolled off of  his tongue.  People in the Airport, Maple Grove and a bunch of other  areas nearby needed to take immediate cover. I decided to go downstairs and get in my safe place. I live in the Maple Grove  Area.  No lives were lost, thank God. However, you could tell a tornado had gone through.

Before the Governor announced it was mandatory  for everyone to stay in, I stayed put. However, the next day, after the tornado watch was over, I went out. I had no choice.  It was something I could not take care of over the phone.  After I completed my business, I started home.  I barely made it. Trees were down everywhere.  A little squirrel staggered across the street. My heart went out to him. I thought “oh, you poor dear. You must have the virus”.

When I walked into the house a scammer called. He wanted to sale me a vacation package. I did not listen to see where I would go, since the entire world is on a lock down. I thought all businesses had closed down. Like a Sunday School Teacher years ago told me “everything takes a vacation with the exception of temptation” ( satan).  I think scammers must have the same motto.

Perhaps, when all of this has passed, we will all look back at these days and give a big laugh.

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