Wake up Everybody!

On Tuesday 23 of the month of June around 5: 57 a.m. I said: what a lovely day it is. It is not raining. Our prayer group leader said: Not now, but we will see what happens. Later on around 6:57 a.m. sure enough, about an hour later, the rain came pouring down on my side of town. I realized then, simply because I had not watched the news the night before nor that morning news,  it did not mean it was not going to happen.

That made me remember a young man I had seen on the national news.  He had self  quarantine himself from the world twelve months earlier. He had gone to China and was a student of a Tibet teacher ( perhaps the Dalai Lama).  Even,  in spite he was in the center of the pandemic, he was not aware of it. He said his year of absence from the world made him more complete or should I say happier. The fact  that he did not know how the rest of the world had suffered,  didn’t mean it had not happened. I am not sure what gave him the means to go without a job for a whole year. He looked like a person of means. The only time he left his room was to relieve himself and to shower. His food was brought to him. He told the newscaster, he felt refreshed. He did not miss his T.V., computer, cell phone, his tablet or his ipad.  It was not until he returned from his self imposed quarantine, he felt the weigh of the world closing in. We can run or stick our head in the sand, but the problem remains.

The question was ask on that same day on my second prayer call “When will the world get better?” God leaves it up to us to make it better. Mankind messed up the world.  It is up to mankind to clean up our mess. The entire world must change its behavior.

There is not one country that can boast of its humanity toward its people of color. Every civilized nation has mistreated those who differ in race, creed or gender. We, who believe in equality, must act, to make our beliefs come true. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  had a dream. We can turn that dream into a fact, but it is up to us.  If we have the soul and the spirit, we must never fear our beliefs,  we must see them realized.

By showing our true heart, we can inspire other hearts with our fire. The strong will obey when a stronger heart shows the way.

As the song says (paraphrase): Give me some leaders who are stout hearted leaders. Leaders who will fight for the rights we all adore. Start me with ten who are stout hearted Leaders and I will soon give you ten thousand more. Shoulder to shoulder and boulder and boulder,  we will grow as we go to fight our foes. Then, there is nothing in this world that can stop or mar a plan. When stout hearted Leaders walk together hand and hand.

Again, we say as the Lord told the people through His prophet: WAKE UP! Ephesians 5:14-17 wake up, O sleeper, rise up. Many of our young people are doing just that. No longer can the man who is not Black say “I am not prejudice” When your eyes are open, you walk in the light. Take a stand and your fellowman will follow. If you don’t take a stand, not only are your eyes blind to the world but you are blind in Christ. If you love Him, you will obey Him. Read Luke 6:31 or Matthew 7:12.


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