What A Difference A Day Makes

A lady by the name Of Diah Washington sang a songs called “What A Difference A Day Makes”.  It only takes 24 little hours. Where there were sunshine and flowers, now there is rain. What a difference a day makes and that difference is You.

Perhaps, I’m that difference. I left home Monday to go shopping with out of town company. When we returned, my home was flooded. We were not gone long.  In just a flicker  of a moment, my spirit changed from joy to bewilderment. Why was there water in my basement? Why were my floors and my rugs ruin?

?Why was the furniture downstairs ruined? Less than 24 Little hours, my countenance had gone from pleasant to a very diffinite unpleasantness.  My circumstance changed in a flicker Of  a moment.

However, I must give kudos to the ladies I pray with at 6:00 a.m. Monday- Friday.  I remanied calm as I dialed 911.  The reason I dial 911 my ADT did not go off when I opened the  door.

I thought I had caught a burglary in  progress in my house because there was a loud sound downstairs. When the police and The firemen  entrered the house,  we discovered what made the loud sound.  The drop ceilling was  falling down .  A  pipe  upstairs had burst.

Now, let me get to the crazy part. I called my Insurance Company.  I told them everything that happened.  They said don’t worry, Mrs. Ware, we will take care of you. That was  no more than I expected.

I waited and waited. No one came. A few days later, I called back. They wanted to know if I called anyone to clean up the mess. I quickly apologize. I realized while I was waiting to hear from them, they were waiting to hear from me.

When the company did come to clean up the mess, the Insurance adjuster was there. Wongly, I   assume everyone was on one accord.  We were not!

To be continued:











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