What A Difference Time Makes

Did anyone forget the new time setting or was it just me? According to Wikipedia; the ritual of man manipulating time dates back to Roman History. The Romans fix their time so that regardless of daylight, each daylight hour was longer during summer.
There have been pros and cons about “time” here in the United States every since it started in the 17 hundreds. Our last update set starting DST was in the 19 hundreds. It started for us as a joke to the French People by Benjamin Franklin but the joke turned into a no joke. After World War 11 We built the railroad and we needed a standardized time for the trains.
Most people thought , as I did; it started because our farmers found it useful. Of course, Some of them did and some still do.
In 1784 Benjamin Franklin jokingly proposed Daylight Savings in an article he sent to The Journal of Paris. In his article, Ben Franklin stated the French would be more productive if they would got up earlier. Hence they could set their clocks an hour earlier, making better usage of the morning sunlight while not using so many candles.
In spite of the fact it was suppose to be a joke, managers and heads of businesses said they could save on energy as well. They did not have to heat their place of business as long. More and more people in different countries around the world have discovered ways daylight savings time is advantageous.
In the Winter, we fall back and in the Spring we spring forward.
I have seven clock in my house and they each have their own time. I use the time on my cell phone to go places on time. Most of my computers have the correct time. Some don’t. My truck and my car have different times. Perhaps one day I will coordinate all of my time pieces.

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