What I Really Want for Christmas

A family in the neighborhood moved to Arkansas and took everything with them with the exception of their cat. The cat went from house to house looking for food. I despereatly wanted the cat to stay at my house. I imagine myself with a sweet grey and white cat sitting serenely on the window ceil, patiently waiting for me to come home. One night I heard cats crying outside in my backyard. The last time I heard that sound was about thrity years ago. Later the female cat was pregnant and then she no longer hung around my house. I was not as prudent as I should have been. I should have left cat food out and she would have returned for the food. I told a friend my plans. A good friend encouraged me not to do that. I live in a woody area and he suggested any wild animal would eat the cat food. With my poor eyesight, I would encourage a racoon to eat my cat food and thusly bring a racoon in my house.
Then I had a more intelligent idea. I decided to wait and hope that sound meant the cat would soon be pregnant. I would find where the babies were born and steal one of the babies. That too was not my most brilliant idea. I imagine myself with someone trying to steal one of my babies. I would behave like a mother bear. Then again what if the cat I wanted to catch was a BOY! The cat never got close enough for me to identify its gender. Oh me, oh my, all I really want for Christmas is a cat. Possibly, a dog to take Moe’s place.

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