What Should We Do?

Many Americans fear the reopening  of  business in our country.  I understand that  fear. As a country we are going bankrupt. As a country  our  health  is at stake. We seem to be doomed if we do and doomed if we don’t. Some think,  we should get  back to normal while others believe we should consider a new normal. Meaning an alternate  view of normal should be considered.  After all, this pandemic is not going away any time soon. There are still others who don’t know what to think.  1. Wear a mask. 2. Stay 6 feet apart.  3. Wash your hands as often as you can.

Then there  are others  who believe we can just wish it away. Science is just lying to us. These people are dying because they had a death wish.  One day we will wake up and discover we were all in a mass dream.

We have heard all types of  thinking.  Some think Nature is mad with us. Some think God is mad with us. Some say the Devil is coming for his own and while he is here  he is gathering  some of God’s people. I have heard all types of madness.  There are those who  will tell you never in their lifetime has anything  so damaging ever happen to the entire earth.  These must be the end times.  There are others who remember or were told by very close family members, of other pandemics hitting the entire earth. Many lives were lost but they got through it.

Do all of the things you are ask to do. Stay in whenever you can. When you go out wear your mask. Stay 6 feet apart  and wash your hands often. The same goes for whatever you touch that others touch also.

Once I wrote, some think the world is made for fun and folly, and so do I. While others think it is well to be all melancholy, to pine and sigh.  Everything has a season.  We must pray that our  season and our  desires do not conflict with the will of the Lord.

There is a God!!!



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