When God Closes One Door

Somedays everything go Wrong. Today was one of those days. I had a confortable night sleep
however, the bed was a little too confortable. I did not want to get up. I thought o’k Lord, today Is Saturday. On Saturday mornings we have Saturday Morning Prayer. I had asked the Lord for many request during my private Prayer Time now I didn’t want to go to His House, a House of Prayer! I pulled myself out of bed. By this time, I was a little late. I drove like a mad woman into a pôle. When I got to Church the doors were closed. The faithful stood a round talking about the weather. We were all happy the storm had not touched any of us Personally. While standing there, someone open the door. When we went in, I am sûre I was not the only One who prayed for those who had been touched. Our teacher was excellent. She reminded us to not only Pray for oursélèves but to Pray for others. Afterwards, Our individual prayer time started and while we sat in prayer, someone hovered outside not prépared to pray. That individual needed Prayer More than any body there. When I got to my car, my cell phone cord was gone.

I came home âte breakfast, made a few phone calls and went back to bed. I couldn’t get back into my natural rhythm of sleep for thinking I was forgeting something. In a flash I remembered answering an email from the UAB National Alumni Society Asking me to volunteer at Red Mountain Park for “Unité Day”. Usually, I Will go a day before to Make sûre I have the correct address. I was sûre I Knew exactly were to go. Many,many,many years ago I was a story teller for Red Mountain Park When the Park was really on the Mountain. Of course I went to the Wrong place. Red Mountain Park is now off of Lakeshores. It has been there for the last six years. I was too late for “Unité Day” but I did get to visit a beautiful Park.

On my way home, I stopped for gas. I went inside to give the lady my Money. There were many People getting gas and the lady forgot to reset the tank for me. I went in and asked her to reset the tank so I Could get my gas. She advised me to go back to the tank and she would reset it. This went on for several minutes until I asked her for my Money. I went to the next gas station up

the hyway and bought gas.
Like I have always Heard “When God closes One door- He will open another”.

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