When You Think You Have Something New

Last month I went to a place in Birmingham, Alabama called the “Workplace” to make a pitch for the sell of my books. On the first Wednesday in every month, Workplace allows neophyte in every arena of entertainment to preform in front of a live audience. It was not my intentions when I went there to be funny. In spite of the fact I had express a desire to be a comedian to my husband. He told me BENNETTE S T O P dreaming! That is exactly what I did. I stopped dreaming. However, I never stopped believing I had a special gift of captivating the attention of an audience.
At the time my husband and I had that little boisterous conversation, I had written over fifty stories and I was a third grade teacher. Years ago, through the Language Arts Program in the Birmingham, Alabama Public School System, the children were asked to write stories to be judged by the Languages Professors at U. A. B. Some of the children had very brilliant ideas. Many I have kept and embellished. The only thing I need now, is the money to have them bound and published.
To get the money I decided I needed a job. After all, I retired from teaching. After retiring from teaching I opened a Music Studio. I taught Music until 2006 and then retired again.
I had an interview at a new store in a new mall as a store manager. I thought this is great! A young man came to interview me and I could just see myself as store manager at the new store. He asked all of the right questions. I thought this is magical! In the mist of the interview his boss came to the door and beckon for him. He went to the door and I decided to do something I should not have done. I looked to see what the next question would be. The next question was “Where do you think you will be in the next thirty-five or forty years”? I thought to myself ” Oh my, if I am asked that question at 74 years of age, if I am to be
perfectly honest, I will have to say, in thirty-five or forty years, I will be dancing on your grave”.
He returned and picked up his pad. Quietly he said, I will skip the next four questions. I wiped my brow, ran my hands across my forehead and thought “Thank God, I dodged that bullet”. Of course a little jolt came to my sensibility when later he asked were do you see yourself in the next forty years. My brain did not tell my mouth not to say “I will be a skeleton in a science classroom.”

Sadly I walked out. I figured his boss was never going to hire me anyway. They only wanted to give the young man experience in interviewing. I did get something new! A new way of thinking!

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