Who Let The Dogs Out?

A couple or more months ago, my street had more dogs roaming free  than the law allows. They went up and down the street turning over garbage cans.  All of them were young and you could  just say shoo, shoo and they would run away. Of course, you were left   responsible for cleaning up the mess.  As time pass, they grew older and less afraid of people.  Shoo, shoo was not enough to make them leave your garbage alone. One day, I saw one of the dogs attempting to reach my garbage on a special bench my husband built before the accident. I went out on my porch and yelled Shoo, Shoo. The dog looked at me as if to say who are you shooing.  After that incident, I didn’t see them anymore.  Evidently, they were annoying someone else. Possibly, someone called the Humane Society and had most of the dogs picked up.

Before they were born,  I would often leave my garbage on my porch at night and the next morning on my way out I would take it to the garbage bench. That was working  fine me. Since my retirement, I have noticed, it takes a little more time for me to do some of the things I once did quickly.

One day I received a text from a friend saying they had been by my house. This friend had no idea my doorbell had a camera on it. This was not a friend known for truth. I was checking the camera for the truth and discovered two dogs had been on my porch. According to their demeanor,  it appeared they had been there before. They went straight to the conner were I would put the garbage bags. Later I saw one of the dogs and recognized him as one of the dogs on my porch. Of course,  at that time I could only tell the owner his dog was free roaming the street. It had a collar on and appeared to be well fed.  Well fed, collar or not, if one loves his dog, keep him/her  inside the fence.  Someone might accidentally run over him. Then again, some unethical person might kidnap the dog.

Love your dog;  feed your dog, keep him/her inside your fence. When you want to take him/her out,  keep your dog on a leash,  take him/her  regularly to the veterinarian.  If you don’t want to bred your dog, have him/her spaded. This shows you care. Then no one will need to ask,  “Who let the dogs out”?

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