Who Needs A Way Out?

I was a greeter on the day  two Canadians walked into the rotunda at the Civil Rights Institute It was a man and his wife. They had never been to our country but they had heard a lot about this country on their television. What they had seen was impressive but they wanted to learn more about our history.  Especially  more about the south. How we, as Blacks survived the 60’s. Hence, the trip to the Civil Rights Institute was very important to them. They mention going down to Montgomery was something they had thought about doing. Maybe I suggested it was something they needed to put on their bucket list. I’m not sure which of us came up with the idea. I am very sure they decided to go to Montgomery before leaving the United States.

One thing they notice, not related to the Institute, was our number of people who beg. They could barely make it through the streets without encountering beggars. Why was this so? They had read that this was one of the richest countries in the world. People Just wanted a way out. The man told me he wanted to revert to his childhood days.When a friend asked for a way out. He always told him he would help him find a way out. Which way did he come in?

We both had a big laugh at that joke, but that’s the truth. Some people make a habit out of making excuses for not working.  I don’t mind  helping those who really need help. However, we have people who make a career of finding ways to distort the truth. I gave a lift to  a woman one day who came out of the grocery store with  bags full of groceries still begging. She, positively, did not need to beg.  For her, begging had become a habit. There are people who truly need  a way out. I can’t tell you who is really in need and who is a professional beggar.

There are programs for those persons really in need. The Jimmy Hale Missions, the Light House, the Aletheia House,  Good will, Our Churches and the Salvation Army to name a few.

Some people have mental health issues. They are all mix up with those that are healthy. If a healthy  individual remains on the streets too long, he too will develop mental health issues. Before one does anything, that individual should consult the Lord for guidance.  Family members  should look after their own. If family members wont or are not able to help, it is the responsibility of the church.  For those who refuse care of any type, it is no longer anyone’s responsibility to give assistance. Those persons are just users. Some of them get more money begging than the rest of us who work for a living.

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