Who Pulls Your Rope?

There are times you may feel as though nothing you do is right.

You may be  under the influence of your trainer. Your method Of reasoning may be as the trained elephant.  In fact, it may be the same as the performing  elephant. When he is young,  even when he is kept in a cage, a rope is tied around his leg. He is held by one rope around the one leg. This rope keeps him from wandering too far from his cage. As he grows up , he is conditioned to believe he cannot break away. He believes the rope can still hold him so  he never even attempt to break away.  He depends on his trainer to tell him what he must do and when to do it.  Anyone who  try to convince him Of anything different is rejected.

Ask yourself, what shape does that rope take in your life.  Is it your friends, your family, your co-workers, your church family, your psychiatry healer, your fortune teller? Who is it that you wont make a move unless they say you should or you can? The question is how much do you value your freedom?  If you take time to breathe, God will help you make the right decision. It’s His breath in your lungs that sends air to your brain that helps you decide what is right or wrong. You may be at an advantage point concerning your own life. It is possible you have knowledge about yourself that others don’t. It is also possible that others have an outside advantage.

Sometimes you may appear weak if you don’t move when others think you should, there are  times they may be right. Look at your situation carefully and don’t get hung up on what something appears to be true to others.  Keep your eyes on your heavenly Father. Others may hold factors that often stop you from breaking free and chasing your dreams.

Do as Solomon did. Ask God for wisdom. However, we must not do as Solomon did and follow idle gods. It is simple to give advise to others but it is not so simple to follow that same advise. Being a critic is easy. Accepting criticism is much harder.

Today, Sunday May, 20,2018, I did not go to my church. I watched TBN and a gentleman said he had watched Bishop Jake asking the people “Who is pulling your string?” I had intended to wait until next week to publish my story but I got an ultimatum thought to do it today. It is above. Read and come to your own conclusion.

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