Wise Old Owl Meets His Surprise Challenger

Have you ever heard the song “I have two lovers” and they both are you.  That’s Old Wise Owl. This is a story where Old Owl meets a surprise challenger. Wise Old Owl is having a difficult time only because he does not recognize his enemy. He decides to challenge the antagonistic defiant one to a duel. He does not know who the enemy is. He only knows the enemy must be defeated. If Wise Old Owl wins, he loses. If Wise Old Owl loose, he loses.  He destroys himself if he wins. Himself destroys Wise Old Owl if he loses. Who will tell Wise Old Owl he is fighting himself? Do we need to call Detective Madalyn and her Associate Gabriel to solve this mystery? Who knows how to solve this mystery or who cares?
Detective Madalyn and her Associate Gabriel will ask the difficult questions. Their inquest would go something like this. Show me evidence number one. Old Owl would say: There is no evidence number one. Detective Madalyn and her Associate Gabriel would then say: Show me proof that a crime has taken place or is about to take place. There is no proof. At that juncture, Detective Madalyn and her Associate Gabriel would not take Wise Old Owl’s case. What is poor Wise Old Owl to do?
This quandary was a little more than Wise Old Owl was accustom to handling. Wise Old Owl thought and thought and then decided to call All Mighty Ale. All Mighty Ale told Old Owl: I know this is an emergency because you never call me unless you have an emergency. Old Owl had to admit it was an emergency. Old Owl told All Mighty Ale he was about to go into battle but he didn’t know how to prepare for the fight because he didn’t know who he was going to fight. All Mighty Ale said:  Lets go to the river and have a chit chat. Old Owl had never been in defiance of All Mighty Ale but this time Wise Old Owl said no. I need time to prepare for my fight. However, All Mighty Ale insisted that Wise Old Owl should go with him to the river. They sat there and chatted and chatted. After about an hour of chatting about life, All Mighty Ale said I must leave you now. Wise Old Owl said you can’t leave now without answering my question. All Mighty Ale turned and said: Your answer, You are fighting Cantankerous Eagles. He is in the river. Wise Old Owl looked in the river but the only thing he saw was his own reflection. All Mighty Ale smiled and said you are fighting yourself.
Wise Old Owl was furiously baffled as he asks All Mighty Ale: How do I fight myself? If I win, I lose.  If I lose, I lose.
All Mighty Ale answered: The ones who tried to trick you into fighting yourself will lose. Now that you know you are fighting yourself. I will unite you two. Cantankerous Eagle and Wise Owl are one. You both will fight the enemy and you both will win. With one quick swish, the two became one. The two went to battle and won. All the good habits of Wise Old Owl went into Eagle and all of the boldness and forwardness of Cantankerous Eagle went into Owl. Now, All Mighty Ale’s Team was complete.

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