Yea! The Good Old Days

I ask once before. The good old days- when were they? Were they when the governor of Alabama stood in the doorway of The University of Alabama and yell “Segregation Today, Tomorrow and Forever!”? Have some of us become too soft? Or, have some of us allowed our hearts to become too harden?  Or are we being lead by an unknown force? Be careful in joining forces with a group only because it sounds right. Let me remind you, the good old days does not mean the same thing to everyone. For one person, the good old days means taking out people of color and hanging them.  Or, it could mean when White Supremacy was king.  It could possibly mean King Black Supremacy. Now it means people of wealth have power over others. That infuriates those who have had power by virtue of their birth.

We as Christians, must take off the old man and put on the new man of forgiveness, According to the good book (The Bible), we as Americans all agree, it is a good book. We should practice forgiveness. We have all done something wrong. I know I have. When a person acknowledges ten,  twenty, thirty or more years ago they did something they now regret doing, we should believe them. They also show us by practice and deeds they no longer believe or do those things, we should forgive them. I’m not saying they get a free pass. However, in our hearts, we should forgive. Perhaps, it is their desire to do something good to make up for their past sins. They should be given an opportunity.  If then, they prove themselves unworthy, that’s another story.

For some, old age will not permit them to do the things they once did. If they could magically bring back their youth, they would do the same thing even sooner than they did the first time.  For others, they have genuinely been convicted of their wrongdoing. No one but God knows the heart of man. There is the psychologist who is 85%-90% correct with the thoughts of man but God is 100% accurate.  Let us be slow to judge our sisters and brothers.  Go to them and speak calmly about their sin. If they do not stop,  carry someone with you.  If the sin continues, carry the matter before the church or make it public.  If you have not done your due diligence, you have nothing to say.  For all, we know you may be lying or making something up on the person.

Occasionally I receive phone calls asking me to support one cause or another.  At one time, I did without fear of being ripped off.  Now I am a little weary about such phone calls. I hate I have learned to hesitate for a worthy cause. People are deceitful and are no longer trustworthy. Gone are the good old days when there was a real need. Good old days——we want them ——–we need them——–but I am afraid they are gone forever. Perhaps, one day we will all agree what makes up THE GOOD OLD DAYS.

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