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Go to http://www.whoswhoofprofessionalwomen.com/listee-features/Carrie-ware and discover Carrie Ware for yourself. This article does not mention she is also the local editor of her local chapter of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority.

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5 Tips on Writing a Quality Article

Quite often article marketers find the writing process difficult since they tend to get bogged down following a lot of technical advice. Writing articles however is actually just the process of sharing your thoughts or ideas with people and should not be made complicated. Discover 5 writing strategies that will keep the process simple making writing easier for you and the reading more enjoyable for others.

Considering all the various tips on writing articles you may have read or heard probably the best are those that keep things simple. Sometimes the writing process can get all bogged down by you trying to implement needless advice you have been given. When you sit down to write an article keep your mind clear of everything except what it is you intend to say. Writing articles is not a science nor is it an art form but rather a conversation where you share your thoughts with readers. Beyond that there is no worthwhile reason to complicate the writing process with any other dazzling advice.

Here are 5 simple writing strategies that will make the writing and reading of your articles easier and more enjoyable for both you and your readers.

Have a Point to be Made

When you sit down to write an article it is always helpful to have an idea or point you are interested in sharing with the readers. Firstly this will make the writing process flow smoother since you already know you want to talk about. It will also make for a more enjoyable read being there is a definite point to your article.

Some writers struggle because their primary motivation is more about traffic generation and less about making a point or sharing an idea. Writing articles this way will result in much time being spent staring at a blank computer screen.

Get to the Point

Be clear in what it is you are trying to say by addressing the intentions of your content in the opening paragraph. Many readers, if they are unable to understand what your content will be all about early on, will simply leave the page. State your intentions early and concern yourself with fully making your point later on in the content. Leaving them in suspense only works in novels!

Speak Directly

Avoid ‘practicing your excellent vocabulary’ when writing articles. People want to EASILY understand what it is they are reading. Compose your articles so that EVERYBODY understands what you are saying. Make a point to edit out any words that can be substituted with easier to understand and/or shorter words.

Keep Sentences & Paragraphs Short

Avoid large blocks of text in your articles by focusing on keeping both your sentences and paragraphs short. Firstly readers generally scan articles initially when they land on a page. Seeing long paragraphs will generally make them hesitant to ‘dive’ into the content.

Secondly when sentences are ‘crammed’ together in long paragraphs it becomes stressful on the eyes. Create plenty of space for readers to ‘rest’ their eyes by keeping paragraphs short and margins narrow.

Eliminate ‘Word Padding’

Comb through your work and eliminate any words that are not needed to get your point across. Also take notice of areas where you may repeat a point or perhaps deliver the same point differently. If these instances are not needed or intendedFeature Articles, edit them out of your article. Try to focus on your subject and be conscious of not drifting away onto some other unrelated tangent.

Some of the best tips on writing that you can hear are those that aim to keep the writing process simple. All you need to consider when you write an article is what you have to say and how you want to say it. Writing articles is simply a ‘sharing’ of thoughts or information. Once you have completed the article let it sit for a while than go back and ‘modify’ it in a way that will make it easier to read. The 5 writing strategies we reviewed above serve as a guideline for making both the writing and reading of the article easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.


How Church Directories Build Community

Have you ever wondered why your church should create a pictorial church directory? Church directories help build a stronger church community in a number of ways. Read this article to learn ten ways a church directory can enhance your church community.

In today’s technologically advanced society, it can be difficult to unplug and establish meaningful relationships. Churches bring together people from different backgrounds, but finding ways to help members establish meaningful relationships can be a challenge. Building a strong sense of community is important to many congregations, but how can churches accomplish this? Church directories help congregations connect members, retain members and grow.

10 Ways a Church Directory Enhances Community

Church leaders aim to connect people with God, your church and with each other, and church directories one way to help build a stronger church community.

1.    Connects names with faces. Whether your congregation is large or small, you’re bound to have members who don’t know each other very well. By providing portraits in your church directory, people can easily connect names with faces.

2.    Serves as a gift for newcomers. Church leaders can show that they are committed to providing members with a welcoming environment in which to worship.

3.    Encourages church attenders to become church members. Sometimes church attendees need incentive to become church members. With a church directory, you can encourage attendees to become members by proving to them that your church encourages interaction between members and is working towards building a strong church community.

4.    Builds a church that’s more personal and intimate. From young couples to senior members, your church members want to worship in an environment that is welcoming and offers them a sense of belonging.

5.    Tells the ministry’s story and communicates your church vision. Communicating your church vision encourages members to support your mission and they feel connected to the community by understanding what your ministry stands for.

6.    A great tool to recognize special times. Building a stronger community is more than just connecting names with faces. It also means communicating to church members the milestones in your community, including anniversaries or new buildings or ministries.

7.    Demonstrates church growth and makes everyone aware of staff changes.

8.    Creates lasting memories and quality family portraits.

9.    Keeps current church members engaged. As your congregation grows, it can become more difficult to keep current church members engaged. A church directory helps current members get to know new members.

10. Great tool for staff members. It’s important that the staff at your church knows who is who. Church directories enable your staff members to easily match names with facesArticle Search, as well as recognize and greet church members when they come to services.

Grow your church congregation and encourage members to interact with and get to know each other. Use church directories to build a stronger church community.


How Should We Pray?

This question of prayer isn’t a new one but is in fact one that the disciples asked Jesus while he was still roaming the earth. Jesus responded by giving them an example in the form of the “Lord’s prayer”.

Many people misconstrue the Lord’s prayer as the “sacred” way that we
ought to pray. But this is simply not true.

You have to pay attention to a few key points in the Bible. If you’ve read “Christ Through Me” Then you know that you are no longer under the law of the old covenant, but you are under the new covenant law–forgiven by grace.

But what you must also keep in mind is that the New Covenant, the complete forgiveness of our sins–past, present and future was not put into effect until the ultimate sacrifice for the sins was made. Which came in the form of God’s sinless son, Jesus Christ.

So when Jesus told the disciples in the lord’s prayer to pray “and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us” they were praying that way because they were still under the old covenant or law. This law required that they seek forgiveness whenever they sinned.

As soon as Jesus Christ died and bore the punishment for all of our sins, it was the the ultimate sacrifice. When you and I accepted Christ as our savior, we accepted the sacrifice that Jesus made on that cross and were completely forgiven. All sins were wiped away, even future ones (heck, they were all future back then right?)

So because we are now under the new covenant and have the life of Christ in us, and holy because of this. We no longer have to ask forgiveness in prayer.

So I encourage you when you pray today, if you find yourself saying, “Father, I ask that you forgive me of my sins…” catch yourself and just show your gratitude instead for the completed work of Christ at the cross that paid for your sins and allowed you forgiveness once and for all. I say it something like this, “father, thank you so much that I am totally forgiven because your son took the penalty for my sins…”

Instead of acting like a sinner. Go on in complete faith that you are already forgiven, think “attitude of Gratitude”!

Consider now the first part of the Lord’s prayer. Here is how it is often said:

“Our Father who is in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name”

The key thing that I want to hit on in this email is that the first thing that Jesus does is address his heavenly father as father and then start praising him.

Our God truly is wonderful and worthy of praise, give him the praise that he deserves. Tell him how wonderful he is, thank him for what he has done in your life, relive those positive things that he has done for you and tell him how much you appreciate his gift of salvation.

In the next verse:

“Your kingdom come
Your will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.”

Jesus reaffirms what all of us should, that the control of our lives is in our loving father’s hands. Let him know that your life is in his hands and his will is yours.

Giving over control of your life and your rights to it is an important step in receiving the great Christian life!

That’s all for today, next email we’ll look at prayer requests and the best way to present them to our father.

Verse 11:

“Give us this day our daily bread.”

With this in mind there are two things that I would like to bring up in this email:

1. I think it’s important to notice that Jesus put asking for our needs after praising God and telling him that his will is what is foremost in our lives.

Because we are capable of making mistakes and not seeing the whole picture, make sure to let God know that HIS will is what is foremost in our lives.

If this is truly your belief and you have told God this then it isn’t necessary to keep drilling it, but I usually precede a prayer request with “if it is your will”. This reaffirms the thought process (for myself mostly) that what I am asking is according to his will not mine.

2. We can rely on God to meet our needs and he will always be faithful to do so!

Jesus, the son of God, relied on his father to meet his needs! What beautiful illustration of the way that we are to approach our Christian lives!

God was faithful to meet the needs of Jesus, that he asked for in his prayer because we know that he died on a cross for all of our sins; not because of a lack of his needs being provided for!

“I WILL NEVER DESERT YOU, NOR WILL I EVER FORSAKE YOU” (Hebrews 13:5). God is faithful to always be there for you. He gave his son Jesus so that you could have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). He will take care of you and meet your every need.

This has been article on the way that God intended for us to look at prayer. It is by no means exhaustive, but I hope you found it useful.

“Who Else Wants to Experience The Abundant, Care-free Life of Being a Better Christian Day In and Day Out and Experiencing the Guiltless Joy of Living Life Without Limits or Having to Worry About Following a Bunch of Uptight Rules?”

5 Easy Tips For Creative Writing Article

Discover powerful techniques that can help you become more creative while writing new articles. Creative writing articles is not hard, anyone can write original articles but there are special tips that can help you to get some great ideas.

Did you happen to struggle to find new ideas for writing articles? Nowadays market is very competitive and you should try to make your articles original and creative. Creative writing articles will catch attention of your readers and more likely they will click your resource box. There is no one universal way to get good ideas whenever you want. Although there are many techniques that can improve creativity of your brain. Here are my 5 easy tips to do it.

1. Keep a small notepad, diary always near you. It often happens that you got some great ideas in the most unexpected time. After that you may forget them, that’s why it is a good habit to write them every time to go back in the future when you will need a new ideas for writing articles. Ideas and creativity can come from anywhere, it’s the development of the idea that makes it unique.

2. Relax and calm your mind. You have to clean your mind to reveal full potential of your creativity. Everyone is creative but the problem is that most people don’t know how to open own mind. Get rid of all obstacles, bad thoughts and unnecessary things. Try to relax before creative writing article process.

3. Create a workplace that can inspire your creativeness. Creativity comes from a good state of mind. You should be in quite place with nothing that can disturb you. Work in a peace and you will see improvement in your results.

4. Set the mood. Setting the mind can help you to set yourself into creative state. Remind when you lastly had a creative time, when you got millions of great ideas popping from your head with no effort. Try to think about this moment and try to feel the emotions it brought. Setting a good mood before any task will improve your creativity in writing articles.

5. Do something crazyArticle Submission, having fun can increase producing adrenaline that can go wild your imagination. Make something unordinary regarding to your daily routine. Consequently you will see improvement and more fresh new ideas. Finding yourself for creative writing articles won’t be a problem anymore.


Factors to Consider in Creative Writing

Creative writing is not only about giving information. It is about doing it while expressing your thoughts and emotions. You can be a creative writer if you will strive how to become one.

Creative writing is more than providing people with information. It is the art of sharing one’s thoughts and emotions. It is like giving your readers a part of yourself. Not everyone is given the talent to compose one. But if you are willing to learn, there are a lot of ways to consider. Here are some of them.

1. If you are not a college student yet, think about taking up Journalism, English literature or other related courses. This will equip you with the necessary knowledge. You may also consider enrolling in short courses specifically for this form of writing. It may be best to attend workshops as well. There are also online courses available.

2. Write and write and write. Every time you see something that amazes you, write. Each time you feel happy for a reason, jot it down. If possible, do this every day so you can finally find your momentum.

3. Identify when is the best time for you to write. This is to be able to manage your time perfectly. This is also to enable you to produce more inspiring pieces.

4. Read and read and read. If you want to learn about creative writing, you have to know how each creative writer expresses their ideas. Read their works. Study each of them. Discover why people love them.

5. You must also be sensitive to your environment. Study everything that is around you. Interact with people to know their thoughts. Read blogs online. In this way, you will know the plot or highlight of the stories that will interest most of them.

6. Prepare yourself to rejections. Take every rejected work as your chance to improve. Know if in which aspect of writing you still need to harness. Consider every comment or feedback as an inspiration. Remember, some famous writers have experienced rejections several times.

7. You have to be imaginative as well. See in your mind’s eye the flow that you will like for your writing.

8. Know your niche. You cannot be a good creative writer if you will cover all the disciplines. You cannot possibly do that. Discover where you are good at and focus from there.

Creative writing is not confined to poetry, short stories, essays and others. It is not all about fiction. It can also be non-fiction. Today, personal blogs can be considered one form. Bloggers share their own tales, which is mostly about travels or other things they enjoy doing. They do this artistically.

If you write for a livingFree Reprint Articles, make it a point to track your work hours by using a time tracking tool. It helps analyze your time better.

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